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The Relaxed Peplum -So Many Options

I was very pleased to be chosen to test the women’s Relaxed Peplum Top and Tunic from Mama Can Do It. The pattern is designed for knit fabrics, and comes in a top length as well as a tunic. There are several options for the peplum including a gathered skirt, a full circle skirt, and

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Relaxed Peplum Lookbook: Style, Fabric Picks, & Options

Mamma Can Do It just released the new Relaxed Peplum just in time for the Fall sewing season.  I wanted to share this blog post with you to explore all the options this wonderful pattern has!  I’ll look at all the options available, the best fabric for your new peplum, and style tips for both

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Pleated Peplum Hack

Hi everyone! I’m so excited about the release of the Mamma Can Do It Relaxed Fit Peplum pattern! I’m Laura, I usually blog at but I’m happy to do a guest piece here for the new MCDI Peplum top!  You can follow me on Instagram @KittyMakesIt This pattern was so fun to test!  I love working with Mamma Can

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Adalynn Bell Sleeve Hack

Hi I’m Mary Kaye Cole, a stay at home wife/mom/grammy and lover of Mamma Can Do It patterns! What could be cuter than a Baby Adalynn for my sweet granddaughter? How about a Baby Adalynn with bell sleeves? Ok…well what could be cuter than a Baby Adalynn with bell sleeves? How about a Baby Adalynn with

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What to do when you’re nesting

Nesting during pregnancy is a fun experience and a great way to get things done. Sometimes you hear people tease you while you are pregnant about being a “crazy nester”, but it’s nothing to joke about…it’s a very real thing. In fact, the American Pregnancy Association puts it this way: “You might wake up one

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