I’d like to take a few minutes to showcase our new Girl Size Adalynn Dress pattern. All of these pictures were taken from our fantastic tester team, and they really did their part in helping to make this design the best that it can be.
This post is very picture heavy, but worth it! We needed another place that we could look at more of the creative shots taken of the Adalynn Dress and the little ladies who modeled it.
Check out the binding on this. Look what an amazing job she did! You’ll love how this tutorial helps you make the best looking binding ever.


I love the lace here. What a great way to add an extra personality touch to this dress. This is sweater fabric, as you can tell, and I just love the fit!


This dress is without ruffles. So playful and cute!


Here we have a hem of ruffles. It almost looks like her right hand is sneaking into her pocket! These little ladies love their pockets.


What a great fit on this young lady! The Adalynn dress sizes are from 2t-20. That’s a huge size range for great fitting tops during their whole childhood.


Love this adorable picture of sweet Anna. She loves purple, so her mamma made her a sweater dress with matching purple leggings!


It doesn’t matter if you are going to get your pictures taken, or go for a date at the park. This dress is playful and cute no matter what you are doing!


Look at how sassy she is! Love this one!


Ohhhhhh a sister bundle??
Looks like little sister is in the nb-24 months size Adalynn, and big sister is in the Girl size range.
I love how these short sleeves fit! Perrrrrrrrfect.


Playing at the part in our Adalynn. It’s so fun!


Look at this classy little lady! Love that fabric too!


Another classy one. The ruffles are adorable. Check out those pockets! Looks like a keeper!


Boots with an Adalynn. Melt me.


Oh! Cowgirl boots and all. Yes. This shows exactly the style I’m going for!


Perfect fit around the chest.


This is such a playful dress pattern. I love how everyone is comfortable to show their personalities!


A dress worth spinning in.


Oh how we love pockets.


So sweet!


Classy little lady! This dress can be dressed up with a pair of pumps!


Love that purple ruffle!


This is one of my favorites. What a classy young lady. Are you catching the ‘class’ theme. I just love the adalynn style dress. It’s fitted in the chest, but comfortable. The length is perfectly sassy, but long enough that I am comfortable with my daughters wearing it anywhere.


Melt my heart.
You’ll love how fast this dress comes together and fits perfectly every time.


Perfect fit for those teenagers too!


This was such a fun dress to design.


Thank you for being part of our journey.


I hope that you grab your copy of the Adalynn Dress Pattern while i’ts on sale


Thank you for being party of the MCDI family!


We will see you next time!




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