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Hi there! I am Manda from Sewing Ambi and I am here today to show you a fun little hack of the new Sunflower Tank Top & Dress. Did you see this amazing new pattern by the way? It is available for women and girls, and I did my first mommy & me ever! When I made the Sunflower Tank...
How to add leather to pantsvideo
Today Kate shows us how to add a leather strip down the side of her pants so that it is 'edgy'. Join us in this fantastic tutorial. Don't have the fit pants? Get the Fit Pants Pattern here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHn_cQL-XfY
color block pocketsvideo
In this video Manda shows us a great introduction into how to color block. By color blocking pockets, we can learn a simple technique to add character and fun to our handmade garments. Do you own the Fit Pants Pattern? Get it here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4A-7QACH44&t=7s
color block pants hackvideo
Today Aukje shows us how to add color blocking detail to the Fit pants! We love this pattern and there's just nothing that we can't do! Adding color block to fit pants is only the beginning! :) Thank you Aukje for putting this tutorial together for us! If you do not have the Fit Pants Pattern yet, Get it Here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxqsy7OFRf8&t=1s
Today, Kate shows us how to make a skirt pattern from our popular and loved fit pants! What CAN'T you do with this pants pattern??! Make a skirt today! Do you own the fit pants pattern yet? Get your Copy Here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4SBCjTusn8  
Hey y'all, As some of you know, I'm pregnant! At this point I'm just about 35 weeks pregnant with my second... so I'm sure you can imagine how BIG and uncomfortable I am. Even maternity clothes don't seem to fit me anymore, so I've been LIVING in my handmade maxi dresses. They're perfect for pregnancy and postpartum! Especially the hack...
Hi there!  Kelsey from Mamma Can Do It here to give you a quick and fun hack for any of the Relaxed Peplum Patterns.  This hack will also work well with all of Mamma Can Do It's Adalynn Dress collection!  Adding a sash is a fun way for any girl or lady to add a bow to the back...
*Note- affiliate links are used in this post* Hello friends! I'm Gwen from Crafty Curly Couture, and today I'm here to share with you a super easy and fun hack for the Women's Relaxed Fit Peplum- a ruffle sleeve! Let's get started! - First, you're going to need the Women's Relaxed Peplum Top & Tunic pattern. Click here to buy it! -Assemble your long sleeve...
Nothing is more frustrating then working hard to make a lovely top for yourself and having it NOT FIT!!! One of the hardest areas to get a proper fit is in the bust area. When I first started sewing and buying patterns I assumed that if I used my full bust measurement then the pattern would automatically fit. The...
First off let me start by saying that I am not much of a writer or photographer. So sorry in advance.  This will probably not be the best or prettiest blog post you've ever read. Haha! But, it is a pretty easy hack and I love how mine turned out! Well shall we move on? Okay here we go. First,...

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