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What could be cuter than a Baby Adalynn for my sweet granddaughter? How about a Baby Adalynn with bell sleeves? Ok…well what could be cuter than a Baby Adalynn with bell sleeves? How about a Baby Adalynn with bell sleeves in raspberry Circular Knit from my friend Melissa at Phee Fabrics? Ain’t nothing cuter than that! See how precious!

Okay so she needed the pearls with her new dress too!

The raspberry Circular Knit from Phee Fabrics is such a versatile fabric. Traditionally I’ve used it for athletic clothing, but my eyes have recently been opened to the fact that it makes beautiful tops, skirts and dresses as well and I am IN LOVE! I just had to use it for one of my favorite patterns, Baby Adalynn by Mamma Can Do It!

These bell sleeves just complement this Baby Adalynn dress so well and the circular knit fabric behaves beautifully with the sleeve.
I love the raspsberry circular knit from Phee Fabrics I used for her Baby Adalynn dress. It’s my favorite fabric and my favorite pattern for my granddaughters!

So here’s the story about my bell sleeve hack for the Baby Adalynn. My little bell sleeve wearing princess said to me, “Grammy, every little girl needs a bell sleeve dress! You should make a tutorial so all the grammies can sew all the bell sleeves for their little granddaughters!” And of course I said…

Okay you got me! Elizabeth actually asked me to make the tutorial. This grandbaby is only two years old. She didn’t say all that. But she thought it. I’m sure of it. Humor me.

Ummmmm…Grammy? Where’s that bell sleeve tutorial you promised you’d write for the Baby Adalynn dress?
Still looking…
Still looking…

So off to the drawing board I went! The first sleeve…not so full and way too long (Grammy forgot to shorten the sleeve). The second sleeve…fullness was perfect but it was way too long (Grammy forgot to shorten the sleeve again). The third sleeve…well the third time’s a charm!

Found it!

So here’s a link to my video tutorial for all the grammies to watch so they can make all the bell sleeve Baby Adalynn dresses for all their little granddaughters! Of course moms and aunts and everyone else can use it too.

Baby Adalynn Bell Sleeve Hack Video

Pretty easy huh? Now go grab your Baby Adalynn pattern and pick out your Circular Knit at Phee Fabrics and get started!

I can’t wait to see your bell sleeve hacks on your Baby Adalynn dresses. Be sure and post some photos in our Mamma Can Do It Facebook Group.

Happy sewing! Mary Kaye

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