color block pants hack

Today Aukje shows us how to add color blocking detail to the Fit pants!
We love this pattern and there’s just nothing that we can’t do! Adding color block to fit pants is only the beginning! 🙂 Thank you Aukje for putting this tutorial together for us!

If you do not have the Fit Pants Pattern yet, Get it Here.



2 thoughts on “Color Block Fit Pants | Hack”

  1. Barbara Niemann

    I am sure you have heard “what old is new again”. That is so true. when I saw your making the gore in the pants’ legs, to make a color block, it took me back to my girls’ younger days. There were 6 of them. Old pants became ‘stylish bell bottoms’ by adding to the seams, a colorful wedge! They were so happy to wear them and to look like Cher, their approval was much treasured by this poor over- worked Mom. Thanks for the memories. I enjoy your newsletter.

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