I was hoping to be out of diapers by now for Claire (age 4) and Elijah (age 2). Who am I kidding though? Some things you can’t control.

So although I have a one size fits all diaper cover, and I love it, it wasn’t quite fitting these two big kids. Claire is 40 lbs and Elijah is 35. Isn’t that funny for an entire two year difference? Eli is just a very large boy! Regardless, I wanted ONE diaper cover that I could use for both of them all the time. Claire only needs it at nap and night time, but it still needs to fit. Elijah needs to run and roll around in it.
I was already thinking about this when I got a request from someone to make a “big kids” diaper cover. A diaper cover that would fit OVER 35 lbs and a longer torso. My very first day back in the sewing room since Joy was born, was spent working on a new diaper over design!
I don’t know if you know this, but every time I need some inspiration, I always come back to cloth diapers. I’m so thankful that God planned on someone asking me to work on it as I was coming back to work!
I also was thinking about other ways that I could help you on my first day back. So I made a video about my favorite tool to sew knits (and cloth diaper fabrics)!

Back to the diaper cover pattern.
This design fits from 35-about 50 lbs. Of course the 50 lbs is relative to the child’s girth/length. If average length/girth it will fit for every bit of what you need it to.
I’m really pleased with this cloth diaper cover design and wish that I could have told myself 12 years ago that THIS style of diapering is the one that I would love. But I guess that 6 babies later, I can give myself grace. 12 years of cloth diapering is a long time.
 Do you have a favorite diaper design or style?



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