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Lets face it, keeping baby faces clean is a full time job. Keeping their clothes clean doesn’t have to be though. OK, maybe that’s not true, cleaning baby clothes is definitely a full time job; but keeping drool and food off of them can be a bit easier. That’s where bibs come in.

Baby bibs are really a necessity when it comes to making supplies for our little ones. They can be pretty expensive to purchase, but when you make them yourself, they can cost next to nothing!

Lets get started.


bib patternbib pattern


To begin making baby bibs, you’ll need to make a plan.

Which bibs do you need to make? What phase is your baby in and going to be in soon? Take a look at the checklist below to see what you need to have in your bib arsenal.

  • The Drool Bib
    • 0-6 months (for when your baby is in the drooling phase)
  • The Cereal Bib
    • 4-8 months (for when your baby is starting baby food)
  • The Shoulder Snap Bib
    • 4-8 months (similar to the cereal bib, but snap is on the shoulder)
  • The Dinner Bib
    • 5 months – 4 years (for when your child is eating solid foods)
  • The Spaghetti Bib
    • 4 months – 4 years (A large bib with a snapping pocket for messy meals)

How many bibs do I need to have?

This is a real question that really depends on a few factors.
First factor is your individual baby. If your baby is a drooler, and you make drool bibs, you might get away with having only one per day. But if your baby drools excessively, you’ll want to change the bib 4-5 times a day.
Second factor is how often are you washing? If you wash your baby’s clothing and bedding separately from the rest of the family’s, then you might only wash it once a week. In that case, you’ll need more bibs than if you wash them with the rest of the family’s laundry.
What’s someone to do who doesn’t have a baby yet? 
I’d start with making 3 of each type of bib. Once the baby comes, you’ll get a better idea of what your needs are. When you reach the stage where you want the baby to start using bibs, you’ll have a desire and time to do something at your sewing machine. Don’t feel like you need to rush to get it all done before the baby arrives.
bib pattern
5 baby bibs that coordinate make a great baby gift!

How to make baby bibs as a gift?

Making baby bibs as a gift is easy and fun! For a gift, I usually make one of each type. That’s a bundle of 5 bibs that goes from birth to 4 years old. If you make the bibs in coordinating colors and fabrics, it is a pleasure to give the gift, and even more of a pleasure to open!


bib pattern

So how do I make a baby bib?

I have a sewing pattern for the baby bibs here.
If you want even more of a visual, I have free bib making class with two of my daughters while we made a few of these bibs. View the free bib video below.
Don’t forget to get the printable bib sewing pattern for the template and the step by step tutorial.

Happy sewing!



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