How I made my crib skirt from a sheet

This is a simple tutorial on how I made my crib skirt from a sheet. It’s a ruffled skirt that fits any crib but I’ll tell you some hints on how you can tailor yours to fit your needs. This could be for a beginner, but I don’t explain the basting or hemming process. 🙂
how to make a ruffled crib skirt
Step 1. I started with a twin size sheet. It measured 66×96″. I threw it in the dryer to get the wrinkles out and drew a diagram on how I wanted to cut it.
crib skirt tutorial step 1

Step 2. I chose to tear it instead of cutting it. It was super fast. The first thing that I did was tear off all of the hems.
crib skirt tutorial step 2

Step 3. Cut (or tear) the pieces.
My perfect length for the crib skirt was 9″. So I started with a 10″ length. This saves room for 1/2″ worth of hemming or sewing on each side. If you want your skirt longer or shorter, adjust as necessary.

Cut 5, 10″ x 60″  pieces (60″ give or take a few) for the skirt
Cut 1, 28.5″ x 53″ piece for the body
Here is the sheet cutting diagram.

crib skirt tutorial step 3

Step 4: Attach the 10×60″ strips together on the 10″ ends. This will make a verrrrrrrrry long strip.
crib skirt tutorial step 4

Step 5: Hem or serge one long edge.
I chose to serge mine with a rolled hem because I like the look of the contrasting white fabric for my nursery. You could easily just make a small hem.
crib skirt tutorial

Step 6: Cut your pieces. The total length of your long strip should be a little more than about 300 inches.
Cut 2, 100″ strips and 2, 50″ strips from the long strip. Discard any remaining strip.

Step 7:
Hem the 10″ sides of each of the 4 strips.
hemmed side of crib skirt

Step 8:
Sew a double basting stitch on each ‘raw’ edge of each short, 50″ strips.
double basted raw edge of crib skirt

Step 9:
Gather the raw edge of the 50″ strips by pulling on the bobbin threads of the basted stitches.
gathering crib skirt ruffle

Step 10: Lay the ruffled edge onto the 53″ edge of the body piece. This will help determine how short to make the ruffled edge.
ruffling the edge of crib skirt

Step 11: Tie the threads once the gathers are at the proper length. Then evenly disperse the gathers.
tying ends of gathers

Step 12. Sew the ruffled edge of the skirt onto the raw edge of the body piece. I sewed mine so that none of the gathered stitches would show. It’s pretty rough because I didn’t pin it. I figured with a cute ruffled edge, you wouldn’t notice if it was a tad uneven.
sew on the ruffles

Step 13. After the short strip of ruffles are done, do the large strips of ruffles.
When you attach the large strips to the body piece, overlap the small strips about 1/2-1″ so that there won’t be any raw edges when you are finished.

Step 14. Snip all of your strings and enjoy having a super oober cute ruffled crib skirt!
ruffled crib skirt diy



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