How to clean Stovetop Grates for gas stoves

Okay….after soaking and scrubbing my stovetop grates, I have decided that there MUST be a better solution to cleaning them.
In the past, I have used baking soda and a sponge to scrub all of the ‘nasty’ off of the stovetop. It works great, but it is a pain.
I usually use a steel wool pad and put all of my strength into it, but I’m taking a different approach today.
Right now I have the grates soaking in a sink of hot water and oxyclean. I’m going to let them sit for at least an hour and see how the baked on grease and gunk comes off. I’ll update the post and let you know how it worked.

I have read about using ammonia to clean grates as well.
If the oxyclean doesn’t work I’ll try this method.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Put a grate in a gallon size freezer bag.
2. Put about 1/4 C of ammonia into the bag and seal.
3. In an hour, the fumes and ammonia liquid should have completely removed all of the ‘stick’ so that the gunk will wipe right off.
After letting the grates sit in the oxyclean water for about an hour, I still needed to use the scrub pad, but EVERYTHING came off easier than without the oxyclean soak.

My conclusion:
Soak grates overnight in oxyclean water and wipe clean in the morning.



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