How to make a Pregnancy Pillow

Making a pregnancy pillow is easy when you have a pregnancy pillow pattern!

Get comfortable regardless of how far along in the pregnancy you are. Support your head, neck, upper back, lower back, hips, chest and growing tummy with ONE pillow instead of 5.

When I was designing this pregnancy pillow pattern, I researched the most popular pregnancy pillows on the market. I saw what was great about the best pregnancy pillows and I also read about what the ‘best’ ones were lacking. 
What I came up with: the “Snoogle” was the top pregnancy pillow. There were down sides to the snoogle pillow though. Here’s the downsides of the snoogle and similar shapes:
1. Even from the pictures of the snoogle and comparative pregnancy pillows, I could see that there wasn’t enough tummy support. 
2. I love knowing my that my Superman is sleeping next to me…but I could see from the width of some of the most popular pillows on the market that he would be banished to the couch. Not okay with me. I needed something that was supportive but compact enough to stay on my half of my queen size bed.
3. An end to snuggling? I wanted to come up with a design that would allow hubs and I the ability to snuggle even WHILE I was wrapped up in comfort. 
4. Head support. This was the biggest issue that I saw with the snoogle reviews: mama’s were mentioning how uncomfortable the ‘headrest’ of the pregnancy pillow was. My design isn’t too wide or high. I stuffed it to my liking and recommend that my customers stuff it to their comfort as well!
Here is the finished product…….(drum roll)……
Pregnancy Pillow Pattern

This pregnancy pillow does EVERYTHING that I want! 
It is supportive on the head, neck, upper back, lower back, hips, CHEST and tummy. The pillow isn’t too wide so it allows a partner to still cuddle next to you without feeling a huge barrier. The width of the finished pillow is slimmer and less space taking then the snoogle and similar pregnancy pillows. 
The BEST part of this pillow though is the tummy support. Adjust the “leg loop” on your body to fit your comfort level perfectly and support that growing tummy like nothing else you could imagine.
Cost wise, you can’t go wrong using this pregnancy pillow pattern. Costing under $20 to make, this pregnancy pillow will not only be worth it to make so that you can have everything you could ever want in a pregnancy pillow, but it will save you a ton of $ then if you bought one premade.
All in all, this is one happy mamma and I can’t wait to share this pregnancy pillow pattern with you!
There is a new, updated version of this pregnancy pillow.



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