Large Christmas Stocking – Free Sewing Pattern

Free Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern

Make this 23″ Tall Large Christmas Stocking with this free, easy to follow sewing Pattern. You can sew one to hang from your mantel or as a festive decoration for your home. You can add pom pom’s, a faux fur cuff or any other fun things you can think of. Add someone specials name for a personalized stocking. They’ll love it!

Happy Holidays from Mamma Can Do It!

If you want to make a Secret Pocket/False Bottom Stocking you can find that pattern here.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Main Stocking: Woven Fabric, 5/8 yard or .6 meter
  • Cuff: Woven Fabric, 1/4 yard or .2 meter
  • Loop Holder: 40″ or 1 meter
  • Optional: Pom poms, bows, beads
  • Free Large Christmas Stocking Pattern (Tutorial, A0, A4, 8.5×11 and Projector files included)

All seam allowances are 3/8″ unless otherwise noted.

Sew the main stocking

With RIGHT sides together; align the two main stocking pieces together and sew along the sides and down along the bottom. Leave the top open.

At the curved sections, clip little v’s in the seam allowance. Make sure you do not cut through the stitches.

Hanging Loop

If you would rather use a store bought hanging loop you can do so. Some ideas include: twill tape, ribbon or cording.

Free Stocking Loop
Free Stocking Loop
Christmas Stocking Loop

To make your own hanging loop, fold each short end inward toward WRONG side 1/2”, press.

Next, fold tie in half lengthwise toward WRONG side aligning raw edges and press.

Unfold. Using center press line as a guide, fold each long side toward center and press.

Re-fold center, aligning the two sides and press well. Sew along the 4 sides of the hanging loop close to the edge.

Fold loop in half.

If you’d like the ends of your loop that hang down staggered, make sure they are like this now.

Measure 3” down from folded edge. Use a pin to mark this point.

Attaching the Cuff

With RIGHT sides together fold cuff in half length wise, aligning raw edges. Sew the short end.

With WRONG sides together, fold in half width wise aligning raw edges and press. Mark quarter points with pins or clips.

Attaching Loop to stocking

With RIGHT sides together, place loop on top of stocking at the back seam. The loop will point toward the bottom of the stocking and the long ends will be up. Pin in place.

Mark quarter points of stocking.

With WRONG side of stocking facing out, slide cuff over stocking. WRONG side of stocking will be to RIGHT side of the cuff. Align raw edges and quarter points, stitch.

Turn stocking RIGHT sides out, fold cuff down and press stocking.


You can add pom poms, beads, a bow or anything else you can think of. Be creative and don’t forget to share it with us using the tag @mammacandoit so we can see it!

As always, we’re here to help if you need it!  Join us on FacebookInstagramTwitterYoutube, and Pinterest.

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