Reversible Baby Overalls pattern is available now!

There’s nothing that I like better than homemade clothes for my son. It’s hard to find boy sewing patterns that are any different than the last one. So here’s my story on how I came to design the Reversible baby overalls pattern.


When I had requests for these baby overalls, I was excited to get on with it! I knew I could make some darling designs for my son – But my question was, what could I do to make them a staple pattern, yet different enough that someone would want THIS one.

My favorite part of this overall pattern is that they are reversible. Yes, I said it – reversible overalls. These can be turned inside out and you are essentially sewing two entire outfits in one shot. They are extra sturdy because of the double layer, and yet it’s still light weight enough that I’m ok with wearing it on warmer days.
Did I mention they were sturdy? That’s good, because if your son is like mine, he goes through clothes like wildfire. This kid needs tough clothes.

I love that the ankle has a 3″ cuff so that it adds extra design, instead of the simple leg. It would be easy to simply eliminate it, but why would you want to?! It’s so cute! I also like that the cuff isn’t sewn into place, so that if your little one has long legs, you can simply roll or unroll the overalls to the proper length.


Who says these overalls can’t be for girls too? I have ideas of putting ruffles on the rear of this overall pattern…but maybe it’s an idea for a new day. 🙂
As you know, I test all of my designs repeatedly. I also measure and keep my sizes about the same as carters brand clothing. This is helpful because as you can see, my Elijah can twist and turn and play without leg snaps coming undone, or without feeling uncomfortable in any way. Trust me, these are designed to fit.
When I designed these overalls, I wanted to make them to fit the rear area so that a diaper would fit, without seeming bulky or baggy. My kids always are on the “softer” side, so it needed to fit them, but I also wanted the overall pattern to look good on a thinner child. This pattern does the trick.



This overall pattern fits babies from newborn to 3T. Printable pattern pieces makes it easy to print each size at any time. I love technology!


Whenever I make a new sewing pattern, I get alot of questions. That is partly why I write these articles about why I made something a certain way.
One question I get EVERY TIME I make a reversible pattern, is how the snaps work in the reverse. As you can see from the image below, the snaps work just fine in the reverse. 🙂

One last thing to mention: This baby romper pattern (overalls) uses WOVEN fabric. That’s right – the beautiful fabric that you see in rows at the fabric shops – you can use it on this pattern! This is enough in itself to just fall in love with this pattern!

Thank you for your interest in my reversible overall pattern design. to view the pattern CLICK HERE to go to my website. Here you can purchase, and download the reversible baby overalls pattern at any time. Happy sewing!







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