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Adjusting Necklines and calculating band/binding length

I absolutely love the look of latest pattern from Mamma Can Do It, the Priscilla. The handkerchief hem adds a lovely and fun flair to any wardrobe. While I love the modesty of the high neckline, summer is quickly approaching and with temperatures already in excess of 80 degrees Fahrenheit a lower neckline will be

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Spring Sewing With Mamma Can Do It

I don’t know about you, but I am READY FOR SPRING! I am tired of wearing long sleeves and jeans everyday, and getting ready for some pretty dresses, cute tops, fun spring and summer prints. I AM READY!! So as I’m thinking about how ready I am, I decided to put together a little post

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2018 Highlights at Mamma Can Do It

We had a great 2018! It’s so hard to believe that it’s already over! So… We decided it would be fun to look back at some of our patterns/ progress from last year and share it with you!We had quite a few designs, including clothing patterns, a bag pattern, some new cut files, and even

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color block pockets

Pocket Color Blocking

In this video Manda shows us a great introduction into how to color block. By color blocking pockets, we can learn a simple technique to add character and fun to our handmade garments. Do you own the Fit Pants Pattern? Get it here!

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The Relaxed Peplum -So Many Options

I was very pleased to be chosen to test the women’s Relaxed Peplum Top and Tunic from Mama Can Do It. The pattern is designed for knit fabrics, and comes in a top length as well as a tunic. There are several options for the peplum including a gathered skirt, a full circle skirt, and

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Relaxed Peplum Lookbook: Style, Fabric Picks, & Options

Mamma Can Do It just released the new Relaxed Peplum just in time for the Fall sewing season.  I wanted to share this blog post with you to explore all the options this wonderful pattern has!  I’ll look at all the options available, the best fabric for your new peplum, and style tips for both

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Pleated Peplum Hack

Hi everyone! I’m so excited about the release of the Mamma Can Do It Relaxed Fit Peplum pattern! I’m Laura, I usually blog at but I’m happy to do a guest piece here for the new MCDI Peplum top!  You can follow me on Instagram @KittyMakesIt This pattern was so fun to test!  I love working with Mamma Can

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Breezy Shorts Bubble Modification

The Breezy Shorts from Mamma Can Do It are quickly becoming a spring and summer staple in our household. They are a great as a standalone pattern to showcase your stash of both knit and woven fabrics or a blank slate for you to get creative. One such modification is to create bubble shorts by

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Single Layer Pocket Tutorial

Hi there! I’m going to show you how to make quick and easy single layer pockets out of knit fabric. I used these on the Boys Fit Pants pattern and they cut down on some bulk. The photos in this tutorial show the wide leg version. The pockets will work for any knit, just be

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Quick Sew Woven Bottom and Holly Jolly Pajama Sewing Patterns

Double Release Day! 2 new woven sewing patterns

It’s a pajama party! Join in on the fun and celebrate these 2 new unisex sewing patterns with us. The Quick Sew Woven Bottom pattern is loose fitting with an elastic waist. It sews up really fast because there is no side seam. It’s a great beginner project. You can make a pair of pants

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