Single Layer Pocket Tutorial

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I’m going to show you how to make quick and easy single layer pockets out of knit fabric. I used these on the Boys Fit Pants pattern and they cut down on some bulk. The photos in this tutorial show the wide leg version. The pockets will work for any knit, just be sure to steam and press well! Stretch interfacing may be needed for that really thin knit, this is interlock knit from Joann Fabrics. This will work for many types of pockets.


You’ll only need 2 pieces cut, instead of the 4. Here we go!

Cut them out.

Fold over right sides together and press. I marked seam allowances here. Stitch along seam allowances.

Fold over and tidy your corners. I used my scissor tips, but a pencil or an actual turning tool would work too.

Press the top and sides with hot iron.

Press bottoms next. Steam is my friend here.

Topstitch the top of pocket. I used a twin needle and matching thread.

Pin to pants.

Stitch around sides and bottom. Don’t forget to backstitch at the top edges!

Ta-dah! Now you have a pocket or two! I like how the top seam is encased inside the pocket. It attaches to the pants much neater.


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