Spring Sewing With Mamma Can Do It

I don’t know about you, but I am READY FOR SPRING! I am tired of wearing long sleeves and jeans everyday, and getting ready for some pretty dresses, cute tops, fun spring and summer prints.


So as I’m thinking about how ready I am, I decided to put together a little post with some of my favorite MCDI Spring and Summer makes! We can all use a little inspiration from time to time, right?

Mamma Can Do It has lots of patterns that are perfect for your wardrobe! Let’s look at a few!!

**Disclaimer: This post has my affiliate links to the listed patterns.**

First, Let’s Look at MY FAVORITE MCDI Pattern – The Adalynn!

This dress is my favorite because it is so comfortable! It’s a quick sew, and you look put together while you feel like you’re wearing your favorite nightgown! And it has pockets!! You can grab this pattern in baby sizes- through ladies plus sizes!

This pattern is for knit fabrics, and is a very easy sewing pattern. It is simple enough for a beginner. The tutorial is excellent, and you’ll find helpful videos and tutorials on the MCDI website too!

I put together a nursing hack for this dress, but I’m going to be honest – my favorite Adalynn is the one that I just dropped the neckline a tiny bit. I just pull it down to nurse, and it’s perfect!

Adalynn Dress

Next, Let’s Check out the Ladies’ Full Skirt Dress

Woven fabrics seem to be very popular lately, and this dress is perfect for using those gorgeous fabrics that you’ve found! Whether you want to sew in a nice quality, drapey apparel woven, or a beautiful print quilting cotton, this pattern is perfect!

This is an easy pattern, and would be perfect for a beginner. The tutorial is wonderful and explains every step in detail!

The first one I made was from a quilting cotton. I ended up giving this to my cousin since I am still nursing. But look how cute it turned out! I think it would be amazing with the belt that comes with it or with a store-bought belt.

Ladies’ Full Skirt Dress

So… Since I couldn’t wear my first dress (due to needing something suitable for breastfeeding), I decided to “hack” this pattern!


Click here to see my blog post on how to hack this! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since I wrote that one!

I added a little length to the bodice, because after making my first one, I knew I wanted the waist to hit a little lower, and I added a button placket to the front. You could also use snaps if you chose to! My blog post will step you through how I did this! For this dress I chose a 100% cotton fabric that was intended for apparel! I do think it makes a difference. I loved the first one, but was way happier with the fit of this one!

how to make a dress nursing friendly

Ladies full skirt dress with nursing hack

I also used the SAME pattern for Easter Dresses for my sister and me! It was made from another 100% cotton fabric, but was intended for apparel.

Nursing hack to full skirt dress, Easter Dress

Another pattern to check out for the ladies is the Sunflower Tank!

This one comes in Girls’ Sizes as well. It’s another easy sew, and slightly different from the Adalynn. It is a tank top where the Adalynn has in-set sleeves. The Armscye is different since it does not have sleeves. In this pattern, you can choose between the bands or binding (both pieces included). Also, there are several different lengths.

It’s just as comfy as the Adalynn, but has a few different options!

Wear it alone in the heat, or with a cute denim jacket or cardigan for the spring. It’ll quickly be a favorite for you on regular rotation!

Sunflower Tank!

The Fit Pants

Grab this one for yourself or for anyone else in your life. Wear the pants version now or all spring until it’s too hot! Then swap your fit pants out for fit shorts! I was surprised at how easy these were to sew, and how good the fit is!

I have made pants and shorts for myself, and shorts for my little guy. He’ll need new ones this summer because he has grown SO MUCH!

fit pants, women's fit pants, sewing pants, ladies pants, fit pant pattern
My flared fit pants

roll up tab, button up tabbutton tab pants, roll up tab

How about the PEPLUM?

Check out this pattern in any (or every) size range. It’s ADORABLE! Could be perfect for church or every day. It’s so easy to sew too. You won’t get tired of it because look at all the options!

See my blog post all about the peplum!


Who Else Loves ROMPERS? 

I’m IN LOVE with rompers for the little ones! They’re so easy to wear, and super adorable! Choose a nice gingham or solid for a classic look, or choose a fun print for an adorable outfit to wear all around!

Whatever you choose, the REVERSIBLE ROMPER or the REVERSIBLE OVERALLS, will turn out to be your favorite, I’m sure!

Reversible Overalls
Reversible Romper Pattern

The Breezy Shorts

This is a basic shorts pattern for little ones with a TON OF OPTIONS! Kelsey thought of everything when she made this pattern! Woven pattern with elastic waist, knit fabric with cuffs, woven with cuffs, knit with elastic, any combination you can think of!

I made this pair from some super light weight denim. They turned out ADORABLE!

Breezy Shorts

Then… I decided I liked the pattern so much that I wanted a romper too! So I hacked it, and made a blog explaining what I did 

Finally… something else for BABY… 

It was time for my little guy’s first birthday, and I HAD to pick an outfit. I chose the MCDI Bloomers and the Baby Fitted Tee.

The MCDI Bloomers are actually a girl pattern, and super adorable if you have a girl. But, I needed to make them work for a boy, so I have a blog post hack!

Didn’t it turn out cute though?

Baby Bloomers and Fitted Tee

I used the bloomers again for beach pictures!

Baby Bloomers on the Beach!

So there you have it… some of my favorite MCDI Patterns that are PERFECT FOR SPRING!!!

I hope you’ll check them out and find something you love!! These are all so fun and easy to make! Mamma Can Do It always includes wonderful photo tutorials for every pattern, making them perfect for beginners. You’ll also find help on their website with patterns, plenty of information and hacks on the blog, and more hacks and fun tutorials on YouTube!



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