What to do in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Everyone is talking about it. You can’t stop looking at your phone or device. We are all drawn to the news and it steals time away from our day. The Coronavirus has completely transformed our lives into a social media, news watching, binge fest.

Kids are home from school, we are told to stay indoors, and to isolate ourselves from others. Yet in the spring, we are so edgy to get outdoors and do the activities that we have been itching to do all winter. What gives? The Coronavirus pandemic has showed its crazy head.

Are you worried? Of course! Some of us are worried for different reasons, but we are all on edge. There are some of us who are immune compromised, or older, and we are worried that we will be hit the hardest. Just getting by day to day, and trying to stay out of the public breath is difficult. How do you buy groceries? How do you order fabric when you’re worried about the person who’s cutting it? How do you even talk on the phone without worry that germs could transfer somehow? We’ve heard about people who probably have the virus and they aren’t even being tested. How many more people have it and aren’t talking?

Some of us are worried about different reasons. We may be young and have strong immune systems, but we are realizing that our economy is tanking. 401k and IRA accounts are plummeting. Restaurants have closed down, salons have closed down, everything that we know about is closing! Will grocery stores be next? Will we be laid off ourselves? Will freeways shut down?

What about those of us who stay at home? We are worried about how we will put diapers on our babies when there aren’t any diapers LEFT IN THE STORES. We worry about our husband’s positions, and although they assure us, we can’t help but wonder if they will get laid off next. We wonder if we should begin rationing off our food in the pantry. How long does this even have to last? We worry about how we will feed our children and hard working husbands. Will we pay our heating bills? Or electricity? Will our children get sick and need an unavailable doctor? Will we have motrin available for the babies who are sick?

I get it. I’m feeling the same things. For every single one of these reasons. Yet, I am reminded that we are all the same. There is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). There is nothing that is happening that has not already happened. I need to slow down and look at the beautiful faces that stare back at me. I will call my mother and find out about her day and plans….DESPITE the possibility that she could get sick. I will smile at my husband when he walks in the door and let him tell me about his day. I will assure him that there is nothing to fear. I will make eyes at my children who are incredibly alive and healthy. They are worth every single thing that I do here….and they truly do not fear a single thing.

The bible tells us, “who can add a single hour to his life? So do not worry!” (Matthew 6:27). So why am I so worried? Why don’t we just get the facts and set our minds to the truth? Is there something that you are fearful of that you need to stop? I’m sure that we can all relate to this verse and the fact that we need to stop worrying.

Here’s my challenge: What are you doing to set your mind? Does it need to change? Do you need to revamp your thinking process? I am always looking at my heart to see if there is something that needs to change. But what about our “stinking thinking”? I often ignore the ques to get a grip on the facts.

Here is what I mean:
1) Set your mind against running out of toilet paper>> Make some family cloth.
2) Set your mind against running out of diapers>> Make some cloth ones.
3) Set your mind against going to the doctor>> Get motrin and supplies now.
4) Set your mind against being sick in general>> Start taking vitamins and increase water consumption.
5) Set your mind against children getting sick>> They are young and healthy.
6) Set your mind against older parents getting sick>> I can care for them.
7) Set your mind against breathing in germs>>Make a Germ Mask.

We can absolutely be prepared as much as we can. No, a fabric mask won’t eliminate all the fears in the world…but nothing does. Even if it’s a placebo to make us feel better, do it. Even if we could find toilet paper after looking at 19 different stores, it’s worth our peace of mind to make it ourselves. Even if we can find a doctor that isn’t closed because of the virus, we can take measures to protect ourselves with vitamins and adequate water and sleep.

We can’t change what is going on with our world, but we can do our best with what we have been given. Do your best today. I support you 100%. If you need to talk to me, send me a message and I’ll pray for you. We are in this together and there’s nothing that will break us. We are strong. <3

Love with all my heart,




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