An email that I get frequently is, “Where do I buy PUL fabric”. People are always worried about making cloth diapers because PUL fabric isn’t something they have ever worked with. The biggest fear though is, “Can I buy it in my local fabric store?”. Not usually.

one size diaper pattern

Some fabric stores have a dedicated cloth diaper section, which is becoming more frequent since the boom of “going green”. However, it’s usually best to buy online to make sure that you are buying from a credible source, and one that has tested their PUL to last for many washings. It’s possible that has PUL, but more than likely (from rumors that I’ve heard), it will not stand up to rigorous cloth diaper wearing and washing routine.

cloth diaper pattern

The very best place that I have found to purchase PUL fabric is They are professional and friendly if you call and have questions. They give you multiple ideas and sewing tips on the phone or email as well. My orders always get shipped the next day after I place my order and I am always pleased with the product.

cloth diaper pattern

I give you many tips in my sewing patterns on how you can easily use it for your cloth diapers or sandwich bags….but they also give you many more tips on using cloth diaper fabrics.

So there you have it! That is where you buy PUL fabric. Now get yourself an awesome diaper pattern and make some new fluff for your baby!

Cloth diaper pattern



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