Ways to style the Adalynn Dress

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Hey All!

KayCee here and I’m checking in with some awesome styling tips for the Mamma Can Do It Adalynn dress.

To get things started, if you do not yet have this dress yet, I’ve added the direct link above and right here with my affiliate link.

This dress IS everything you WANT in a dress and it also HAS everything you NEED in a dress.  What I mean by that is, we all want a dress that not only looks fantastic once we are done sewing it, but that when we put that baby on, and BAM that little baby fits and hugs you just how YOU WANT it to.

This dress has an amazing fit guide to assist you in finding the proper fit based on the fabric that you choose.  How neat is that?!?

Okay, so now that I have convinced you that you need this dress in your life, what are you going to make with it? How are you going to wear it?  How do you make a simple dress fit your life for all occasions?  LET. ME. SHOW. YOU. SQUEEEEEE:)

Now, my style may not be for everyone, I wouldn’t expect that and it certainly wouldn’t be much fun, would it? But I feel compelled to show you a few photos of my favorite ways to wear the Adalynn Dress and to let you in on a secret (some of the additional pieces were *cough* bought at target *cough*).

This dress is probably one of my favorites in my stash.  This dress goes with almost everything.  Here below I have it styled plain and with a Cardigan and heeled booties.  A simple change takes it from laid back to more dressy.  The Far right is probably my fave of these three.  I used a sweater with bell sleeves and tied it in a knot.

Mamma Can Do It Adalynn dress. 3/4 sleeve. Olive green.
Mamma Can Do It Adalynn. Olive Green. Added Cardigan and heeled booties.
Mamma Can Do It Adalynn Dress. Olive Green. Knotted sweater.









I love plain colored Adalynn dresses for the ease of adding pieces and not having to worry about print overload.  These next three that I love were done with the Blue Adalynn.  As you can see.  These were easy to grab items out of my closet and throw on and make them   reflect my style.

Mamma Can Do It Adalynn Dress. Navy Blue. Long Gray Cardigan with puff cuff. Tall boots.
Mamma Can Do It Adalynn Dress. Navy Blue. Blanket Sweater. Tall boots.
Mamma Can Do It Adalynn Dress. Navy Blue. Black Blazer. Tall boots.









Now, the reasoning behind showing some of the ways that I wear my Adalynn dress is to show that you can make this dress fit you.  You can make it your style.  Choose a plain color like I have above, or color outside the lines a little and use a printed pattern and own that thing!

I hope you have found some inspiration in some of my photos.  Please share with us the way that you style your Adalynn.  We would love to see how all our fans wear and rock theirs!

Before I go, I’ll drop my floral Adalynns below.

Mamma Ca Do It Adalynn Dress. Blue floral. White Scarf.


Mamma Can Do It Adalynn Dress. Teal Floral.

Have an awesome day everyone! KayCee<3



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  1. Cute ideas, looks are great! I would like to know what style Adalynn dress(es) you made…classic, fitted or semi-fitted? Asking because am not familiar with how those options fit a real body and all yours skim nicely, are very becoming. The amount of ease is what I’m still trying to figure that out for my first Adalynn attempt. thanks

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