Using pads for after birth can be daunting for some. Which pads work best after birth? Here is a great solution for all of the women out there who are wanting to know what are the best pads for after birth.
best pads for after birth
I know that I have written about postpartum pads before….but now that the newest addition of our family has arrived (Claire Belle), I have had the opportunity to test out the best pads for after birth. Made with soft and absorbent bamboo fleece, incredibly absorbent Zorb and waterproof PUL, the Mamma Can Do It postpartum pad design is as soft and gentle as it is absorbent. It wicks moisture away from mama’s skin and even keeps the gushes in check.
The first 24 hours after birth is the heaviest flow. A heavy duty pad and shell for after birth is required. The best pad for after birth has a waterproof shell that the wearer can put a cloth or disposable pad inside. The shell has gussets that keep gushes in place so there are no leaks and no stains. If the wearer prefers disposable pads, it is simple to remove and stick into the shell. The cloth option has a snap that snaps into place into the shell. What’s even better is the ‘ice pocket’ that is built into the shell. Painful tears and stitches are no match to this pad system.
best pad for after birth shell
Once the gushes subside, there will be a few weeks of heavy bleeding. A heavy, yet manageable all in one pad for after birth is required. The best pad for after birth has a waterproof outer layer, soft bamboo fleece and absorbent zorb fabric. It is the perfect shape to fit any panty and even has 3 size options for wings to snap into place. The pad for after birth is extremely comfortable as well as manageable for a busy lifestyle. When postpartum bleeding is done, simply use these pads for excessive bleeding or overnight pads.
pads for after birth
My personal experience – December 2012:
I designed these pads, yet I still started out with disposables when my latest daughter was born. My midwife had disposable pads and Depends ready for me promptly after birth. I wasn’t going to argue. When I did change into my postpartum pad system, I was pleasantly amazed at the difference! They fit better since I used my own underwear. They absorbed faster and kept me feeling dry better. The best part about the cloth pad after birth was the comfort. Oh my…these postpartum pads for after birth are so comfortable. Softness on the skin after such a traumatic time is worth every second to make them. I will be sharing my experience with my midwife so that she can hopefully help others have a more comfortable experience as well.
My only concern with using these was the washing. My solution: I have decided to keep a small tote under my sink with water and vinegar to put the pads for after birth into. Although I prefer to wash my pads & diapers every other day, by keeping them in water and vinegar will prolong the washing to a week. This way I won’t have to depend on other people to wash them for me.
Overall, the pads for after birth pattern rocks! Try it out – you’ll wish you had!



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