Crib Sheet Pattern – Perfect fit this time!

Recently I wanted to make crib sheets for my baby. I tried different patterns and not one of them fit right. So of course I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a crib sheet sewing pattern for myself and my customers. Of course crib sheets double as toddler bed sheets. But what about a toddler bed flat sheet? You got it! I have also made a toddler bed sheet pattern that includes fitted and flat sheets.
Want to check it out? See my Crib Sheet Pattern and let me know what you think!

toddler flat and fitted sheet pattern

This pattern fits all standard crib mattresses. A standard crib mattress is 51-52″ x 27.5″ x 5-6″. Measure your mattress – I bet you have a standard size.

crib or toddler sheet pattern

This crib sheet pattern comes with directions to make crib sheets out of many types of fabric. I have quite a few fabric ideas on the tutorial. Don’t worry though…I won’t make you find some outrageously wide fabric – it uses regular widths! You can make a crib sheet with standard 44/45″ wide designer fabrics, broadcloth, flannel or even 60″ wide minky or fleece fabric.

how to make crib sheets

Speaking of fleece: Have you ever heard of sewing FLEECE CRIB SHEETS? Oh…these are the most wonderful thing. They are not only incredibly soft, but fleece crib sheets draw moisture away from your baby’s face. This helps to keep tears, spit up, or drool off of your baby’s cheeks so that rashes don’t appear. As a mom of 6, I have had my fair share of rashes and fleece sheets were the only thing that kept them dry. Use this crib sheet sewing pattern to make fleece crib sheets for your baby!

fleece crib sheet pattern

Are you in a financial crunch with a baby coming due soon…or are you trying to save money by making your own crib sheets? If making crib sheets cheaply is what you are going for, I have a few money saving tips in the tutorial as well! Heck, you can match your decor too with these money saving tips! These tips not only help you save money, but give you great ideas on how to recycle things that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Almost all of my patterns have ‘budget friendly’ ideas which include cheap places to buy fabric for the project, where to get fabric for free, where to get fabric to recycle..etc. The thing that irritates me most about sewing things for myself is that sometimes it can cost more then buying…so I like to find ways to stay considerate of mine and my customers budgets. Use this crib sheet sewing pattern to save yourself some money!

sew crib sheets

I don’t require my customers to do any ‘figuring’ with any of my patterns. The measurements & directions are laid out very clearly so there isn’t any guessing. All of my patterns, including this crib sheet pattern, also come with step by step directions with VERY clear images on how to do that step. Each step has AT LEAST one image. You don’t need to guess or spend time trying to figure something out…I have it figured out for you.

how to sew crib sheets
This pattern & tutorial comes with a printable pattern piece. All of my tutorials and patterns are pdf files which can be printed on a home printer using standard 8.5 x 11″ paper. The pattern pieces require NO SCALING as they are already made to size. 

This crib sheet pattern is incredibly easy! Try it today!



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