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As I was looking at my blog traffic today, I came across a search of how to make a pregnancy pillow. I’ve heard about these strange looking contraptions, so I did a little research to find out more about them. WOW! I NEED ONE! As I’m in my 30th week of pregnancy right now, getting comfortable seems like a thing of the past, but this pregnancy pillow thing sure makes it look easy!

To see how my pregnancy pillow turned out, check out my Pregnancy Pillow Pattern Post or The Pregnancy Pillow Pattern itself!

snoogle pregnancy pillow
Unfortunately though, with a price tag of $60 plus shipping, it is not something that I would just go out and buy without much research….if I even ended up buying one at all.
After looking into them a bit, I discovered that there are a few different brands of pregnancy pillows. Which is the best pregnancy pillow? I searched google, forums, ebay, amazon shopping and reviews from previous buyers. From what I can see, here is top 3 list of pregnancy pillows. #1 is the most popular.

best pregnancy pillow

best pregnancy pillow

#1. This is the leachco snoogle pregnancy pillow. 
This is rated the best pregnancy pillow.
It has an odd shape to it that bends and turns with the pregnant mamma to get into a comfortable sleeping position. This pregnancy pillow is by far the most purchased pillow in the usa. My favorite features: It won’t take up the whole bed, and it is long enough that many sleeping positions can be comfortable with it.

best pregnancy pillow
#2. This is the Boppy prenatal pillow.

I can see that it would be comfortable when facing it, but it wouldn’t be comfortable to sleep with your back to it (compared to #1), I also don’t think this pregnancy pillow looks like it has as much length to it as #1, which could make it less less likely to be more comfortable. It is a bit more bulky in the leg area which could be more comfortable depending on the user’s body shape.

best pregnancy pillow
#3. This is the leachco back n belly contoured body pillow.
My first thought when I saw this was, “HOLY CRAP! I have to have this!” Could you imaging how incredibly comfortable this pregnancy pillow would be?! I love being snuggled and this would not only provide the ‘snuggling’ but also the much needed pregnancy support! 

Then when I started to think about it more, I realized that my husband would be sleeping on the couch if I had this as it would take up our entire queen size bed.

This pregnancy pillow may also make a pregnant mama feel a bit claustrophobic and may actually cause her to wake up more during the night because of it. I can’t image that rolling over would be easy at ALL using this pillow.
After careful consideration, I have changed my initial view and agree with the market, this would be pillow #3 to me as well…. definitely not the best pregnancy pillow.

All in all, this was good research for me to decide what type of pregnancy pillow I wanted. However, I still can’t justify spending $60 on something that I “think” might make me feel more comfortable. What if it didn’t? What if my uncomfortableness is simply due to the pregnancy in general?
After carefully thinking it through a bit more, I’ve decided that I need to make a pregnancy pillow pattern and make one of these maternity pillows myself. I think that a pregnancy pillow pattern would be an excellent addition to as there isn’t any other patterns available on the market. I’m sure people would love to be able to learn how to make a pregnancy pillow. 
I think I will make a pattern to be similar to the snoogle. Not only is that the most popular, but it seems to be what I want for myself as well! Of course I will have the option of a pregnancy pillow cover as well.
Judging from the size of the pillow, I think the cost to make a snoogle pregnancy pillow will be around $20 or a tad bit less. Of course in the pregnancy pillow pattern I will include directions on where to purchase fabrics and supplies so that you don’t have to worry about overspending. 
I can handle spending $20 on a snoogle pregnancy pillow. 
What about the pregnancy pillow cover? I looked them up too – they cost anywhere from $20-$30 a piece + shipping costs. I think we can probably make a snoogle pregnancy pillow cover for about $10. $15 should be enough to give you a designer look!
This will be my next project! I’d love to hear thoughts on the pregnancy pillow pattern idea. If you think you’d like to see a pattern that isn’t a ‘snoogle’ type of shape, link to the ones that you do like. I’d love to know what people are using or what they’d like to sew!



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