As I am pregnant and due with our 6th child in December, I can’t stop thinking about what else I need to make or get before baby gets here. We aren’t sure if we’re having a boy or a girl yet, so many of my projects are going to have to wait.
One thing that doesn’t have to wait though is a new baby sling. I have a million of them, but my tastes change from time to time, so it’s nice to add to my stash. Right now, I can’t stop thinking that I need a new ring sling.
   In case you didn’t know, a ring sling is an adjustable baby sling that has rings next to the shoulder of the wearer. These rings help the wearer to adjust the fit of the baby sling. As I plan on losing a few pounds around the middle after this baby comes, the ring sling is an excellent option for me because the ring sling grows/shrinks with the wearer as they need it to. My husband thinks he might try to ‘wear the baby’ too this time around…so if I make a ring sling that isn’t incredibly feminine, he won’t mind sharing it with me. Because the ring sling is so easily adjustable, he can adjust it to completely form to his body shape.
   Another reason I have decided to make a new ring sling, is because I love how they look! If I can find a fabric that matches my winter attire, it is almost like I am wearing an accessory like a scarf! Wearing my baby in style? Yes please. Depending on the sewing pattern that people use, you can most often add quite a bit of flair and/or contrast to the ring sling with some super cute fabric prints. I choose to NEVER wear baby prints on any ring sling or baby sling. I’m not fond of baby printed fabrics to begin with, but when they are being worn by me, I don’t care what the baby’s gender is – I choose to wear something that I LIKE.
   The largest and most important reason that I’m choosing to make a ring sling instead of a pouch sling, mei tai or wrap sling is simply because I nurse my babies exclusively. You can technically nurse in all of the other types of baby slings. Technically only. The best baby sling for nursing in is the ring sling. In fact, I’m just going to call it the nursing sling from now on! Not only is it the best because it’s adjustable to fit the baby into a comfortable nursing position, but it’s “tail” is amazing with grabby, hungry babies. Simply cover them up (and the exposed mama skin). Typically the ring sling is wider then other types of slings as well, so I feel more secure in adjusting my baby into a hands free nursing position. I can nurse my baby in the nursing sling discretely while I am walking in the grocery store, in a church meeting, while I’m walking my kids to their school classrooms, or while I’m cooking Christmas dinner with extended family. Yes, the nursing sling is the best choice for full time nursing mommies.

nursing in a ring sling

Check out this picture! I’d say that is discrete.

If you are like me, you are wondering how you can make your own nursing sling? With a nursing sling pattern of course! Sewing your own nursing sling is fast and easy with a nursing sling pattern! Make one that has a couple pockets in it for storage while you are on the go. The pockets double up as a storage bag for the ring sling itself!
I have a list on where I purchase fabric and sling rings here.

Make your own Nursing Sling today and start nursing easily, discretely and adorably while you are going about your every day tasks!



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