Knit Boxers and Lounge Shorts: Using a Front Panel

I was honored to be selected to help test the Mamma Can Do It Knit Boxers and Lounge Shorts pattern! It can be found here! (affiliate link)

My original plan with these boxers was to use the panel across the butt, but I had a mom brain moment and didn’t think about the fact that the back pattern piece is an “on the fold”. Here’s a secret…I don’t like color blocking hacks. I am not good at calculating where to cut and how much extra to add. I LOVE when patterns include a way to color block. This one (technically) does! ON the FRONT!

Here is the Panel

I purchased this panel awhile ago to make a pair of boxers for my husband. When it was time to make my final for this pattern, I made my husband pick out the coordinating fabric and then felt the dread as I realized the panel was too narrow for the back!  I made hubby choose a new fabric for a pair made entirely of one fabric while I finished cutting out the pattern. Once my mom brain turned off, I realized, “Use it on the FRONT!” This pattern was a great way to use the narrower “panty panel”. If using a panel with the fly option, make sure you pay close attention to which side will be going on top as each side is cut slightly different. Also, pay attention to where the image on you panel lines up to the rest of the pattern.  Try to imagine your seam allowance and where it’s going to end up falling on the leg once sewn up. I shot for just right (maybe 1/4 inch) from the center of the pattern piece.  I did my panel on the Hubby’s left leg, so if you do the right leg, maybe shoot for 1/4 inch to the left of the pattern piece.

My Hubby loves his so much he even allowed a full photo of him in his! He only has one complaint and that is the downward stretch from the 4-way stretch fabric. “It’s hard to pull them down under my pants,” he says. He has requested that next time I use 2-way stretch fabric.

This pattern is such a quick easy sew. Instruction are clear and easy to follow, and there are photos the entire way through. The final fit is amazing. There are two length options, two elastic options (I think a knit band would be an easy hack), and a fly or no fly option. They even included where and when to add a snap or button! The pattern is versatile for everyone! Make sure you snatch this pattern up!



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