Knit Boxers and Lounge Shorts – Pocket Hack

Pockets. Handy little things. It’s a running joke that pockets for women’s clothes are either non existent or too small. Well, when I was testing the Mamma Can Do It Knit Boxers and Lounge Shorts, I was making them for my son. He loved the fit, but then he realized there were no pockets. Where was he suppose to put his phone? I jokingly said – In your bra. We all know that is not a safe option for anybody, so I decided to add pockets!

I’ve made patterns with pockets, but never just added pockets. The first thing I did was look for pocket templates. There are many choices, but for this pair I decided to go with side seam pockets. These are quick and easy and I had made dresses with this type of pocket.

Once I found a template, I printed it off.  Before cutting, I laid my sons phone on the pocket piece. No use going through all the fuss to find that it’s too small for his phone!

The next thing I did was have him put on shorts with an existing side seam pocket. I measured how far down the pocket was, and then proceeded to do some math. The pocket was 2.5″ down from the top of the waistband. Since I am doing the enclosed waistband and the elastic I used was 1″ wide – I measured down 4.5″ (The original 2.5″ plus the elastic width x 2, to account for the fold-over). Place a pin or chalk mark on the two edges of the back piece and on each front piece on the side seam.  This will be the top placement of the pocket pieces.

Now this next part can be done prior to sewing the front pattern pieces together, or you can add the pocket piece and then follow the pattern instructions for joining the front pattern pieces.  Once you have the two sets of pocket pieces cut out lay the pockets, right sides together, on your marks.  Now you can sew or serge the edge of the pocket to the side seam of the short pattern piece.  Once you have attached the four pocket pieces, one to each side of the back pattern piece and one pocket onto the side seam of each front pattern piece, you will then follow the pattern instructions if you have not sewn the front pattern pieces together, you will now have 1 front and 1 back.

Lay the front pattern piece out flat with right side up and pocket piece extended like shown below.

Lay the other back pattern piece on top with right sides together.   Clip these together paying special attention to the divot at the top and bottom of the pocket where it joins the shorts.

If using a sewing machine when you get to the pocket piece, do some reinforcement stitches as you go around the pivot of the pocket pieces. These will be stress points.  If you are using your serger, go slow when having to make it around the pivot points.

Now continue following the tutorial of the Knit Boxers and Lounge Short pattern and soon you will have finished your newest project!





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