Easy Peasy Onesie pattern – a new design

A while back I had designed a onesie pattern. It has lapped shoulders and is a perfect fit. It’s super easy to understand the binding instructions so even a beginner can figure it out. It has printable pattern pieces for every baby size that there is! Starting at a tiny newborn size up to 36 months, this onesie pattern has it all for anyone who wants to make their baby a new outfit.
I love making my baby onesies out of recycled fabric: from used tshirts to scraps that I would normally throw away. In fact, This onesie is still my favorite from when I first started making them:

Isn’t the girraff simply adorable? Someone had given me this shirt as a “hand-me-down” for an older child. I almost tossed it to the donation box. I don’t toss anything now. I wish this one still fit my chunky monkey.

With my baby growing rapidly I need to make a few more onesies to fit her….and I have figured out some short cuts to make them sew up even faster! Although the fit of the onesie is still spot on, I have changed it to suit my needs a little better. The new design does NOT use lapped shoulders, it simply slips over the head like a t-shirt. I love that. It never fails that when you put a beautiful outfit on a baby that a shoulder pokes out here and there. With the new onesie design, the shoulders are covered. Woot!
The new design also has faster binding instructions! I will still probably put the approximate measurements of the binding in the tutorial, but I want this pattern to be a “whip it out” kind of design. So instead of measuring, I’ll teach you how to put the binding on lickety split!
Of course the new design will have short sleeves, long sleeves and tank top styles available. I love using a long sleeve onesie under baby jumpers in the winter. Super oober cute! Check out the baby jumper pattern for a complete outfit!
This new design will still cover the tubby rolls enough that you can use a onesie as an entire outfit on a hot day. It’s like a fitted baby romper. 🙂
Overall, the new easy onesie pattern is going to rock. I can’t wait to get it out for you!
If you like lapped shoulders and want to sew up my original onesie pattern design, feel free to check it out! I will still use and love the original. Especially for newborn babies who absolutely need the lapped shoulder style!
I like using onesies for anything. I use them as an outfit with a pair of pants (get the baby pants pattern here) or as an undershirt on a newborn. Like I mentioned already, it’s great to use a onesie as a baby romper in the summer. Make a stash for your little one today out of quality recycled fabrics!



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