Sew the perfect v-neck every time with this easy sewing tutorial!

Follow along and create a beautifully centered V-Neck top or dress with the Trio Dress n’ Tee pattern. This easy technique can be used for any v-neck you want to sew up.

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Follow along with the tutorial

Prepare the neckband

With RIGHT sides together, align the ‘v’ of the neckband piece. Pin or clip the short end together. Starting at one corner sew up to center point, stop and turn neckband to stitch down the other side.

With WRONG sides together, fold neckband in half width wise and align raw edges. Snip the extra fabric sticking out at the raw edges of the ‘v’.

Optional: Baste the ‘v’ of the neckband to hold together.

On the WRONG side of the neckband, mark 3/8″ up from the outer point of the ‘v’.

Prepare the Neckline & sew the ‘v’

Place a small piece of fusible interfacing on the WRONG side of the neckline at the ‘v’ shape. This is an optional step but I highly recommend it.

With a 3/8″ seam allowance, sew a basting stitch about 1″ up on either side of the ‘v’ neckline.

With WRONG side of neckband facing up, stick a pin through the mark you made on it. Push the pin directly through the seam and out the seam on the other side. With RIGHT sides together, push the neckband pin through the center point of the basting stitch ‘v’ on the shirt.

*Take your time, the alignment is important here.

Rotate the neckband to align the raw edges of the neckband and neckline on one side. Place a pin or clip to hold in place. Starting at the center point, carefully place your sewing machine needle into the point where you placed your pin. Stitch from the center point and up the side about 1″ with a straight stitch. Accuracy is very important so go slow.

Snip the fabric of your bodice neckline only just up to your stitches. Rotate the neckband to align with the other side of the neckline. Do not stretch as you rotate. Pin or clip to hold the neckband in place.

Place your sewing machine needle in the same center point at the ‘v’. Carefully stitch from the center point about 1″ up the side with a straight stitch.

Attach the neckband

Mark quarter points of neckline and neckband.
With RIGHT sides together align raw edges and quarter points of neckband with neckline. The neckband will be slightly shorter. Work from quarter point to quarter point and stretch only the neckband as you sew them together.
Optional: Topstitch 1/8″ from the edge of neckband seam. It’s best to start at center front to ensure stitching is accurate at the center point.

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