2018! It’s a new year, and that means resolutions! Goals! It’s an exciting time, and I can’t wait to get started. One of my big goals for the year is to reduce my waste. I already cloth diaper my son, and that’s what got me started thinking about how much STUFF I am constantly throwing away. A lot of those things come from the kitchen.

I’m trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, one without take out or fast food. That means bringing my lunches and cooking ahead. For my son, it means bringing healthy snacks with us rather than getting him something spur of the moment when we are out. Both of those things need a lot of Ziploc bags. I am constantly running out, and that’s expensive, and I realized, wasteful. So when I saw the sandwich/snack bag pattern from Mamma Can Do It, I was super excited.

The tutorial is simple and comes with two sizes ready to go. I selected the larger size. The tutorial is really easy to follow and has great tips for beginning seamstresses. I have personally never sewn with velcro before this, and was a little nervous, but it was definitely much easier than expected! The bonus part of using velcro instead of snaps or a zipper is that my 2 year old son can easily open and close it all by himself–something he couldn’t do with the regular Ziploc bag.

I am so excited to make sets of these bags, for my son and for myself. I love that my son can pick out his favorite fabrics, and that the bags come together so quickly that I can make as many as we need without worrying about time constraints. I love that I can set about on my New Year’s Resolution, and that it’s the easiest resolution I could have, thanks to these bags (and another pattern I’ll tell you about later).



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