The Reversible Overalls – Your Next FAVORITE!

Hi, I’m Laura! I have two boys who are three years old and almost nine months old. They are the reason I sew!  You’ll get to see my baby, Luke, today in some of the photos I share. I am a guest here today writing about the MCDI Reversible Overalls. I got to know Elizabeth through her Facebook group, and I am part of her testing and promotional team. I’m excited to share with you my thoughts on this fabulous pattern! 

I love onepiece outfits for babies! They’re just so cute and practical! I had a friend tell me one time that you would know when she woke up late because those were the days she wore dresses. Her phrase was “one and done.” You don’t have to match anything and you only have to put on one piece. This is how I feel about rompers! They’re just easy.  

I have found a new LOVE in the Mamma Can Do It Reversible Overalls. It’s easy to put on the baby, it’s a one piece outfit, and the best part is that (as its name suggests) it is REVERSIBLE! Two outfits taking up one hanger in the closet! He can wear it Monday, wash it, wear it again later in the week and nobody will realize that it’s the same exact thing! 

So, now let me tell you about these little overalls. 

Luke usually wears about a 12 month in store bought clothes. He’s a cute little chubby thing! So I was torn between making the 6-12 month and the 12-18 month. But I decided, that with the roll up cuffs, a little extra room is never a bad thing because babies grow TOO fast. I was excited that the fit was PERFECT for him, and there is extra length that can be rolled down when he grows!  

I really liked the way the romper was constructed. It went together so easily. I have made a lot of rompers, and I’ve never made one the same method as this one. I honestly was surprised at how easy this pattern was!  I like also, that this pattern has both shoulder snaps and inseam/ crotch snaps. So many patterns leave off the crotch snaps, but honestly, they make diaper changes so much easier for me. I really love it when they’re included on a pattern. No modifications for me! If you’ve never done snaps before, they’re so EASY! I chose to use size 20 plastic snaps for the shoulders, because I have a ton of those, and size 16 metal snaps for the inseam because they are easier for me to unsnap for diaper changes. I ordered all of my snap supplies directly from the KamSnaps website. Although, I know you can get Dritz plastic snaps and pliers from some local stores. I’ve personally had great luck with my KamSnaps though!  

So what type of fabric can you use? 

I love that this pattern can be made with regular woven (non-stretch) fabrics. I’m always drawn to the quilting cotton section when I go to the fabric store. There are so many choices, so many cute prints! So, I love finding more patterns that can use these fabrics! The outside of the romper (the red side) is wrinkle ease cotton twill I bought from Joann’s. I had just enough of this left over from a different project for these.  The lining (the train side) was quilting cotton from Joann’s Fabric. Since this pattern uses woven fabrics, you’ll have endless possibilities available to you! 

Did I make any changes? 

The only change I made to this pattern was that I added a pocket. I wanted a little contrast from the opposite side to show! I think the pocket looks so cute since you have the cuff on the bottom. 

Other Ideas I HAVE: 

I’m planning on making some with an embroidery or applique on the top piece too! For real, the options you’ll have with this pattern are limitless! I tend to be drawn to expensive, high price tag boutique outfits for my boys. I love when I can use a pattern to create a similar look! Another thing you might do to “dress it up” a little is try piping in the seam attached to the pants. You could really make a nice outfit for Church or another dressy occasion! I can also see these little overalls made in denim lined in the cute tractor fabric I saw at Hobby Lobby recently. Or for a girl, a pretty floral lined in solid pink (or another coordinate) would be SO sweet! 
One last thought… 

I see A LOT of posts on the Facebook sewing groups asking, “Do I need a serger?” And “Can I use non-stretch cotton fabrics?” If you have these questions, this pattern is FOR YOU! If you don’t have a serger, this is fully lined, so no one will ever know! And as I mentioned before, this is a great pattern for your woven fabrics! 
  • Easy!
  • Support from the designer and many, many others in the facebook group
  • All seams are fully enclosed, leaving you with a professional finish!
  • It’s reversible!
  • It’s drafted for WOVEN FABRICS!
  • It’s ON SALE!! ?
This week, the Reversible Overall Pattern is on sale for only $3! It’s a steal at this price! Go check them out! I PROMISE you don’t want to miss out on them!!



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