How to make bra extenders for free or cheap!

In this tutorial, I show you how to make bra extenders for free or super cheap. I needed a bra extender (pregnancy can be crazy on the clothes) and I figured out how to make one! Make one for free or for significantly less then store bought bra extenders.

Step 1. Determine what bras you need extenders for. How many hooks & eyes are on them? Usually it’s 2 or 3. For this tutorial, I am using two.

Step 2. Go to your bra drawer and get out the bras that don’t fit anymore. We all have them, don’t lie to yourself. 🙂 If you absolutely can’t part with any, stop at your local thrift shop and pick out bras that have the same amount of hooks & eyes as the ones you need extenders for.
Step 3. Time to recycle that bra and make a bra extender! 
how to make a bra extender for free
Recycle an old bra into a bra extender!
Step 4. Cut off the hooks & eyes of bra as shown below. You want to leave a bit of room for sewing. If you sew onto a hook or eye, you’ll damage your needle and/or machine.

how to make a bra extender for free
Cut off hooks & eyes of the soon to be ‘bra extender’
Step 5. Place eyes facing up and the hooks facing down. 

how to make a bra extender for free
Line up the soon to be bra extender

Step 6. Sew the raw edges together. Use a zig zag stitch to ‘seal them together’. Sew over and over and over the edges so that it will be secure and not irritate your skin.

how to make a bra extender for free
Sew up the bra extender with a zig zag stitch

how to make a bra extender for free
Another image (this took an entire 5 minutes to make btw)

Step 7. Attach to your bra and admire your handiwork!

how to sew a bra extender
5 minutes of my time to make my pregnant self more comfy?
Yes please!



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  1. You just saved my life!! I've been having hard time with my bras since I got pregnant. My mom bought me some maternity bras but they are too big for me. My old bras still work but they are just too tight but this just saved me life!!
    Thank you so much!

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