Postpartum Pad pattern coming up!

Postpartum Pad Pattern coming soon!

This postpartum pad pattern makes it easy and cheap to make your own soft, comfortable, and absorbent postpartum pads.
After countless hours of ideas, research and trials,  I have come up with a new idea – a new postpartum pad pattern. It will be available soon (hopefully next week) on my website,

What is bleeding like after birth?

I’m not going to lie: it’s terrible. Any period that you have ever had could not compare to what you are going to experience. The first 3 days are the worst, then it slows considerably. 
During the first 3 days it is not uncommon to soak the largest pad available upon standing. Because the vagina is actually shaped like a ‘cup’, blood pools up inside of a woman. When she stands, it is common to feel as if blood is pouring out of the vagina. Many times it will leak out of the sides of a pad and cause a huge mess.
After the first 3 days, the bleeding becomes slowed a bit, but is still comparable to your heaviest period ever. You will still need pads that have optimum soaking capability. 
In my experience, if I stay in bed for the first 7-10 days (torture) after birth, bleeding will be completely stopped by 3 weeks. However, I have also experienced “toughing it out” and not getting optimum rest…the bleeding did not stop until 8 weeks. 
Try your best to get someone to help you during that first two weeks so that you will not be handicap with bleeding, otherwise, be prepared for a murder scene in the bathroom for the first 2 months or so.

Why use cloth after birth?

-Not only is cloth a cost effective way to deal with postpartum (after birth) bleeding, but it is incredibly comfortable. Comfort in such an ‘uncomfortable’ time is the number one reason why anyone would use cloth.
-Did I mention cost effective? The typical cost of disposable postpartum protection is about $150-$200 depending on what products that you use and how long bleeding lasts. By using cloth, you can make your own postpartum pads for $30 or less….AND they’ll be available for heavy period days as well as the next time you get pregnant.

-Stay dryer longer: My soaker (insert) pad that is included in this postpartum pad pattern holds up to 8 oz of fluid. To compare I tested an Always maxi overnight….but it only held 4 oz. That’s double protection!

-The gussets are reason enough! Disposable pads don’t have them….you absolutely can’t go without gussets the first 3 days after birth.
-Disposable paper products have been shown to tear out stitches and it also does not absorb quite enough, fast enough the first few days. Thus you will encounter leaks. By using my suggested fabrics you will not encounter leaks because these are designed to readily soak up the quick postpartum flow.
-Disposable paper products have been treated with multiple chemicals – by using cloth, you will save your sensitive skin from being exposed to these harsh chemicals. 
-There are few, if any products available in supermarkets that are designed specifically for postpartum bleeding protection. By making your own postpartum pads, you will have unlimited access to products designed specifically for after birth mamas.

Postpartum Pad Pattern Features

This postpartum pad pattern is designed for convenient, cost effective, safe protection after a baby is born. It features a two part system: an outer, waterproof shell and a snap in super soft and absorbent soaker to keep you comfortable and dry.

This postpartum pad pattern has a wipeable, outer, waterproof shell. This not only saves on the cost to make these pads, but also will save time in the bathroom. Simply snap in an absorbent pad inside the shell and voila – safe and secure protection. The outside of the postpartum pad shell is a cute cotton print so you can feel feminine even in an uncomfortable time.
Don’t worry about ‘side leaks’ – this postpartum pad pattern includes directions on how to make leakproof gussets. This is worth it’s weight in GOLD the first 3 days after giving birth.
The postpartum pad pattern also has optional wings to snap the postpartum pad to panties so that you don’t have to worry about shifting.
Ice packs are wonderful the first couple days to calm sore tissues, so this postpartum pad design has a pocket to place an icepack to keep you cool in sensitive areas.
The snap in soaker in this postpartum pad pattern design is designed to be absolutely wonderful. The fabrics that I suggest using will keep you feeling dry and pampered by how comfortable it is (so so soooo much better than disposables).
Among all of these features, I will also be including an “all in one” pad pattern and tutorial for after the heaviest flow (lochia) has slowed down. This pad will also double as a superior overnight pad or incontinence protection.
Also included in the postpartum pad pattern & tutorial will be printable pattern pieces, step by step images for each step, budget friendly fabric suggestions, helpful hints and tips and so much more!



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