Mamma income alert!

I’m looking to pay 2 mammas to do some writing for me on a regular basis. This includes payment per article and free use of all of my patterns. 🙂
I am looking for 2-3 articles per week.

On a side note: I am also looking for someone to post these articles on various sites: blogger, squidoo, twitter, hub pages, linkedin, Delicious , google plus, pinterest (from the pictures), craftsy, stumbleupon, etc. This person will also get paid to put links on other websites and blogs that they use (or would use once they start doing this job for me) such as diaperswappers,, general articles from others, etc… 

Below is a list of what I am looking for in an article.

Keywords: For a search, google looks for keywords in articles, on picture names (instead of your picture being named IMG_1234, name it something like, “onesie-pattern” ***Be sure to use the hyphen) and on picture tags (alt image tags and descriptions).
Choose your keywords carefully. You want to choose the keywords that are searched frequently. A great tool that I use is google adwords keyword search.
Each article should be based on 1-2 keywords. You can have multiple articles on the same pattern, but if you use different keywords for each article, it’s better.

Meta data: when you write an article, include a meta description (what google will show with a google search result) as well as the keywords that you are aiming for.

Images: I don’t know about you, but when I search for something on google, I almost ALWAYS click the images tab to SEE what I want, before anything else. Great images that are tagged with good keywords are a valuable asset to any article. To get great images, you can sprinkle in a few of mine from my website, but I am looking for someone who likes to sew and who will take great shots of their project in the works, and of the finished project. I’m also noticing a trend where writers are labeling their images (example like the one below). They are doing this for searchers of google images. The more traffic from images, is more sales on my website.

Content: What I am looking for in the way of content: 
  • Personal experiences. Take pictures of your experience sewing a project. Talk about each step along the way and what you liked or tweaked to fit your needs. Take pictures of the finished project and talk about how it fits and what you love about it.
  • Needs. Talk about why someone needs the product. Take pictures of before and after (example: before the nursing pillow hunched over and after the nursing pillow sitting up straight.). Show the reader why they need the product and sell it!
  • A general theme. An example of a general theme would be, how to choose the right size for a baby dress pattern (baby dress pattern being the keyword). Take pictures of multiple baby dresses (whether they are mine or not) and show the fit of them on your baby. There are multiple “general theme” things that I can think of. 
  • Choose my newest first. As I am adding new patterns, I need them to get out there…so please write articles on my newest patterns first.
  • I’m looking for 700-1000 word articles
Video: If you make videos or want to make videos that would be a great way to take the place of an article. I am not very familiar with videos, but would be WAY willing to explore that option.

If you are interested in blogging/writing some articles to make some cash, Please send me an email with a sample of your photography and a sample article. You can pick anything on my website to write a sample article about.

Send your questions and articles to

Update: I forgot to mention that I will wait for the articles and not make a decision until May 1st. 🙂



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