Sugar Butt Baby Bloomers Pattern

This baby bloomers pattern will rock your world! Now you can make them incredibly easy and fast. Make them with scrap fabric, or with purchased quilting fabric. Make them with wovens or with knits. Sound exciting and adorable? It’s because it IS!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written – but I’ve been working in the garden. My garden this year has been plagued with bugs. I’ve been doing everything from neem oil to hand picking. Nothing seems to be keeping them out except the chickens. Although I love the chickens in my garden to forage for bugs, they wreak havoc on my plants. However, this is not the bloomer pattern that you want to read about. 🙂

The baby bloomer pattern that is a newbie in my pattern collection, is by far my favorite “diaper cover” of all. I love the gentle ruffles that the elastic makes around the legs. There is plenty of room for a cloth diaper too if you use fluff on your baby.

This design actually started as an accident. I was making a pinafore dress and I didn’t really feel like making a ruffled diaper cover. I also didn’t have a large enough piece of fabric….all I had was left over scrap. That’s when this pair of bloomers (diaper cover) was created:

It’s so easy to make that this was how beautiful it was the very first time I made one!
You can use the baby bloomer pattern to make a diaper cover or pair of shorts for any girl that is size nb-36 months. That’s a huge range. 
Don’t be alarmed when you see the pattern pieces though, they look fairly large – it’s not. We have to add extra fabric in there so that it will be nice and puffy. Puffy bloomers are the cutest bloomers.
If you like what you see, simply check out the Sugar Butt Baby Bloomers Pattern right now!



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