Maternity tank pattern designing process

Today I had a fun time working on a new maternity tank top pattern. It’s really coming along! I love the bodice fit and neckline. Here’s a picture that I took on the mannequin.

maternity shirt pattern
This fabric that I got was on the clearance rack for $3 per yard. This maternity tank uses less than a yard of fabric to make! Yes….I am totally making some maternity tops for $3 a piece! There’s still quite a bit left over to make some sleeves for a baby outfit. More on that later. 🙂
Since I’m expecting at the end of the summer season, I know that I will be needing some tank tops.
Even in the winter, a maternity tank top is my number one ‘must have’ in the pregnancy wardrobe. I love that I can layer them, so when the hot flashes are too much, I can easily cool off – and I like that I can layer a cardigan over them without too much bulk. And who wants to buy maternity cardigans? I’ll just use my own, thank you!
But for summer – I need tank tops during pregnancy. Period. I love to work in the garden without the irritating sleeves getting in the way. I want to be inside and outside without feeling like I need to shed clothing. I want to feel normal – and normal is NOT a tent…AKA maternity shirt.
My biggest issue with ANY maternity shirt, is the length. They are never long enough, especially at the end of my pregnancies. This maternity shirt pattern will be long enough to cover all tummies, from beginning to the end of the pregnancy. I want it to look classy enough for church, yet comfortable enough to lounge around in.
A big thing that I want this maternity shirt pattern to be – NORMAL in the back. I don’t want my backside to look pregnant! I plan on rouching the shirt in the front only! It will give a smooth, classic look to the back, yet will allow for growing baby bellies in the front. I can’t wait!
maternity tank top pattern
Overall, I like the design of this maternity shirt pattern, but I am going to take it in a bit on the sides to make it a little more fitted. I also want to make the straps less wide (although the wide straps are very cute!). I’m hoping that I will have an adorable and perfected design for a maternity tank top pattern very soon!
What do you think? If you could design your very very own, what would you want? Length, appropriate neckline that covers the “extra pregnancy” cleavage? Plenty of length in front, ‘un-tent’ style….you name it! I want to hear about it!



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