Non Profit Diaper Design – helping in a creative way

I’m really excited as this week comes to a close. With it, also comes the end of a project that I’ve been working on. A Diaper project. My favorite.

Recently a non-profit, ministry, outreach company found me. They asked if I would make a few ‘simple changes’ to a cloth diaper design that I had. I frequently have customers asking if I can tweak things for them, so I figured I just had to tell them simple directions on what they wanted.
After a few emails, however, I discovered that they wanted an entirely new design, complete with their own thoughts and ideas.
It turns out that this organization is committed to helping mothers worldwide. They have their hands in the crisis situations, rescuing women and families from trafficking, evacuees, abuse, and many other avenues. They are hiring a team of these rescued women to sew cloth diapers to raise money for their cause. What an amazing ministry!
They hired me (ME!!) to design this diaper for them. It’s been a series of turns and changes, but I will be sending the final version this weekend. I’m stoked!

I usually only work for myself, but this has been such a valuable opportunity – to not only help others, but learn how to design for someone else. I’m so thankful.
I have used one of the earlier versions of this diaper design and modified it to my flavor. I have it for sale here.
It’s an All In One diaper pattern. Normally AIO diapers come in multiple multiple sizes. This system is only TWO sizes for a perfect fit on any baby from 7-35 lbs. You’ll love to add it to your fluff stash. I hope that you love what it represents as you add these to your sewing project list.

Every time I’m diaper making and I come across this pattern, I will remember what a great opportunity this was.

Have you ever had an opportunity that turned out to be unexpectedly amazing?



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