My Onesie Pattern got a face lift

It doesn’t take long to know that I have had a few babies. And after having so many, I have come to know what I like and what I don’t like in regards to clothing. Onesies are a main staple for me. My babies live in them. Whether it is for extra warmth in the winter, or a quick outfit in the summer, I need to have a onesie on my baby.

I don’t think that I’m alone in this regard. When I first released my onesie pattern in 2013, I had innumerable emails from my customers, thanking me for helping them make perfect fitting onesies for their babies.

I’m so thankful that we had this onesie tested recently. We made some changes that have made this onesie into the very best that it could be. Read on to hear the details. Or if you would like to skip ahead and simply see the onesie pattern, click here.
Something that is important to me is length. Body length. My littles always have longer torsos. On top of that, we use cloth diapers almost exclusively. That makes using onesies a bit tedious. Simply because the length isn’t there in store bought onesies.
See this sweetheart above? This is a photo from one of my testers. She is using cloth diapers on her baby! See how much room is left in the torso of this onesie?! She will be able to use it for quite a while, and it fits her baby’s chest and arms. Love it!
Another thing that is important to me in a onesie is the leg openings. In the summer, I want to be able to use the onesie like a romper on hot days. I don’t want the diapers to hang out. So when I designed this onesie, I wanted to make sure that it covered a good potion of the thigh and ALL of the diaper. I think it’s a perfect fit!
Something that makes a difference for me in whether I reach for a certain outfit or not is the comfort factor. I want the clothes to be comfortable on my baby. Nothing that is too tight, or hard to put on. I love that this onesie has such a nice fit in the chest, waist, thighs and shoulders.  

Sleeves. Yes, lets talk about sleeves. This was actually something that got a huge face lift during this re-design process. I love how they fit now. They are fitted, but comfortable, even for baby’s with more girth around the arms. Almost every tester remarked at the excellent fit of the sleeves when I redrew the sleeves. Perfect!

I had no idea how important the envelope style neckline was to other parents. Sometimes I get in my own ‘design world’ and forget that other people have favorites regarding their baby’s clothing. Envelope style necklines are one of those things that I’ve been ignoring because it’s not on my radar as a necessary commodity.
I am pleased to say that after a few revisions, this neckline is perfect and fits like a dream!

My good friend and team member wrote this about the pattern, so I wanted to share it:

“There is just something about a simple envelope neckline and a bodysuit – perhaps it is the versatility of the pattern itself. An envelope neckline is primarily found on baby clothing items including bodysuits, gowns, and even onesies.

Whether you have a newborn or a toddler walking around – a onesie is perfect for full body coverage. Pair with your favorite leggings to keep your little one warm during those cold winter months!
Envelope necklines make dressing your little one so much easier especially since the neckline is able to open up nice and big. This bodysuit offers the perfect fit for both cloth diaper and disposable diaper versions, to avoid the diaper spilling out.
Grab your copy now while it is on sale from December 14 – 19th; no coupon code needed and it fits sizes newborn through 36mo.”

I am so pleased with how this test went and that I can give you the very best pattern.
Thank you for going through this sewing process with me.
Get your copy of the onesie sewing pattern today!

Happy Sewing,



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