Why the Adalynn Dress will be your favorite baby dress pattern

Here we are in the middle of January and I feel all giddy and excited as if it was the forth of July. Why? Because I have seriously made the cutest outfit for my Joy EVER. I mean, I have made some really cute things, but this dress comes out perfect each time and it’s so easy to sew.

When I started to design the Adalynn dress Pattern, I knew that I wanted an a-line style. I love how beautiful an a-line fits on a baby, girl or adult. I set out to make the perfect fitting a-line.

Something that always concerns me, is to make sure that I have an easy to follow tutorial so that beginners can feel confident. Binding has been out of the question….until now! I decided to try a new spin on attaching binding, and it couldn’t be more easy. Our testers were full with compliments on the binding instructions.

Look what one of our testers said after we were finished…..

“I just LOVE this pattern so much!! 
To be honest tho – I wasn’t sure about the whole thing when I started. I ADORE MCDI patterns – how they are constructed and explained. Makes me feel like I actually know what I’m doing. I had never done a neckband like this and I was nervous that I was going to screw it up. Why cant I just do a neckband like I’ve done before? What if I cant do it? I was used to doing things the other way and a bit resistant to change. ?  

But I should’ve just trusted that like all other MCDI patterns, I would LOVE this one too and needed to trust in the process! 
Thank you Elizabeth Singler for pushing me outside my comfort zone and giving me even more reasons to love MCDI! Thank you for having me as a tester!”  ❤”

Since I was gearing this size range to be from nb-24 months, I knew that I needed something special. What could be special about an a-line? Ruffles! Of course!

But there’s something even more than ruffles…..POCKETS! Yes pockets. Who knew that little girls would love pockets so much! So many of our models could hardly stand still for photos because they were so excited to put things in these pockets. Cutest.thing.ever. Totally worth the time spent to place them.

In this baby dress pattern there are perfectly fitting sleeves as well. Long or short sleeves are always a nice option. I will go out of my way to look for a pattern with nice fitting sleeves – and this one has it all.

Look what one of our testers said:

I was lucky enough to test this pattern and it’s honestly an amazing pattern to use the instructions are very clear with cleverly placed notches to help you line the fabric up and includes some fantastic pockets for little ones that like to use them. It’s a very quick so and would be perfect for anyone starting out with knit fabrics. Once you have made one you will want to make 10 of them I have ?. It will easily become a wardrobe staple especial for the changing seasons as the pattern includes …

You’ll love how easy the Adalynn Dress is to put together. You’ll love the pockets, you’ll love the ruffle, you’ll love the binding and the sleeves. The entire thing is going to be one of your favorites.

Thank you for being a customer of ours and for sticking with us. Every pattern that you purchase helps the mothers in our team support our little ones. <3
Thank you so much for that.



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