Swaddling Blanket Pattern – Finally a solution to no sleep!!

Will a swaddling blanket pattern save your life? Yes – if you have a baby! Make your own perfect swaddling blanket with my swaddling blanket pattern! It has a front pocket for baby’s legs, velcro tabs on the wings, and it fits any baby perfectly from newborn to 12 months!
swaddling blanket pattern

Have you ever tried to swaddle an angry baby at 2am? I have. It’s terrible – first you can’t get the screaming baby’s arms down which make it impossible to wrap comfortably. When the arms stop flaring, the baby is kicking the blanket down. When your struggling has finally got the baby wrapped up, you realize that you should have changed her diaper. Start all over. This was my life – until I designed the swaddling blanket pattern.

This swaddling blanket has a front pocket that you place your baby into – screaming – kicking – flailing…it doesn’t matter because the baby will still go into the pocket. Once the baby is in the swaddler pocket simply wrap the wings over your baby and touch tape them into place. VOILA you have a PERFECTLY swaddled baby in 3 seconds who is already showing signs of cheering up!
swaddle blanket pattern
So why should you buy this swaddling blanket pattern over any other? Because this one is the best. 🙂
Seriously. Not only are there 33 colorful and crystal clear images to guide you in this sewing experience, but the detailed descriptions rock. The pattern pieces fit together perfectly and go together in a snap.

The velcro strips are in the absolutely perfect locations for adjustability. Like I said, this fits babies from nb-12 months so there has to be adjustability.
The shoulder area is contoured to fit your baby. It really does fit nice and tight without you worrying about bulk by the face.
Even the foot area of the front pocket has ‘comfort darts’ that allow extra room for baby’s feet.

swaddling blanket pattern
This swaddling blanket pattern is certainly the best one available. 
I want you to be happy with your purchase of this pattern. In fact, if it’s not everything that you hope it will be, I’ll give you $ back! Yup – I’m so confident that you will absolutely love this swaddling blanket pattern, that if you don’t like it, I’ll give you 100% refund. 
swaddle blanket tutorial
So try it today! There’s nothing to lose! Click here to go to the swaddling blanket pattern



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