Hey everyone! I’m here to show you how to hack the Relaxed peplum into a fun swing dress just by taking out the waist seam! I love the shape that this hack gives. It is slightly fitted around the bust and still curves into the waist but isn’t fitted, so it is still drapy and flowy.

Grab your scissors because this hack is so simple, it only takes a couple of pattern alterations and you’re on your way!

First thing’s first: grade and cut your pattern to your size as you normally would. From here on out, we’ll be working with the pattern pieces as they are (without cutting into your beloved pattern, only adding to it). **Tip!!! I like to use washi tape for this so that I can remove it after, and still have the original pattern!

Step 1: Line up your bodice front with the skirt, matching the two on the FOLD side. The outer edge (under arm side) will overlap from the curve of the skirt. I’ve taped mine together using wash tape, and you can see the part where it says “2 inches” in pink pen – this is your overlap.

*note: you do have to flip the skirt piece upside down so that the two “cut on fold” edges are on the same side.*

I used this 2” as a guide for how much to ad to the outer skirt. You can skip this step, but it will result in a longer skirt in the front and shorter on the sides. That is a cute look too! It just isn’t what I was going for.

I used some of my extra paper from cutting the pattern out to add the length to the bottom. The “FOLD” side is still to the left, so we keep the length at the front the same, and add only to the swing so it lengthens the sides. I recommend adding a little less than the overlap amount (which was 2” on mine).

Our last step is to round out the waist where we attached the bodice to the skirt. I again used extra paper from cutting the pattern to fill in this spot, and then trimmed.

You now have your front pattern piece ready to go! And that is all you have to do!! Once you’ve cut your front piece out, carefully remove the altered skirt/waist and just tape it to the back bodice the same way, then cut. It really is that simple!

Hack = done. Just add your sleeves, neck band, and hem, and you have a gorgeous & flattering swing dress!

Thanks for joining me for this simple hack, and make sure to snag this amazing perfect-for-summer pattern!!

Sonia Jessop



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