Using Less Paper on your Sunflower Tank

It’s Esther Lewis on the blog again today! Have you grabbed your copy of the new Sunflower Tank yet? I’ve made several so far, but I’ve got fabric and plans for a few more for fall layering!

Today I wanted to share a super quick tip and trick that can save you paper and make cutting it out easier and faster!

For a pattern like this, sometimes the printing and cutting take me longer than actually sewing my garment, so I like to find ways to make it easier. 🙂

When you are printing your pieces, there is a  solid and dashed line representing the front bodice and back bodice cut lines. You can choose to print this piece twice or you could print it and snip a bunch of cuts to the front bodice lines and hope you folded them back nicely enough that they don’t get in your way. My favorite method is taping the shape of the back bodice on to the front piece to make it super easy for transitioning from front to back.

First print out your piece. Now trace out your back bodice on to a piece of paper. You only need to trace a little past the point of the arm pit. (You can see how long I made my modified piece in the picture with the tape roll.)

Tracing your back bodice

Next cut out your pattern to the shape of your front piece. Now cut out your back bodice piece that you traced.

Cut out your back bodice piece

Tape your back bodice piece to the back of your full front piece. Make sure to have your shoulders and point of arm pits lined up.

Tape your back bodice shape to the back of your full piece.

Now you are all ready to cut out your pattern!! (You can use this trick on any pattern that has the back bodice and front bodice on one piece with separate lines 🙂 )


Cut out your back piece, flip your taped piece down, and cut out your front! Cut your bands, Sew your tank, and look back at your masterpiece! 🙂

As always, I love seeing any pieces you sew up in the Mamma Can Do It Facebook Group.

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Links to the Sunflower Tank:

Ladies Sunflower Tank

Girls Sunflower Tank

Sunflower Tank Bundle



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