Hi there! I am Manda from Sewing Ambi and I am here today to show you a fun little hack of the new Sunflower Tank Top & Dress. Did you see this amazing new pattern by the way? It is available for women and girls, and I did my first mommy & me ever!

When I made the Sunflower Tank Top for my girl, I thought it would be fun to make it a little different then mine. So I went with the idea to colorblock her tanktop. I decided to make a vertical colorblock on the front and a horizontal at the back for a cute playfull accent. Let me show you what I am talking about:

To make this happen, I used the patternpiece that you need to cut the front and the back. Let’s start at the front: You don’t cut the front on fold, but draw two mirrored frontparts on your fabric. When you have done that, you add the seamallowance to both frontparts in the middle (at the point where you usually cut on fold). You sew these two front pieces together in the middle and then you have one frontpiece to work with according the instructions.

To make the back colorblock happen, I have made a horizontal cutline in the patternpiece. These two patternpieces are cut on fold, and when you draw the patternpiece on your fabric you add the seamallowance to both sides of the gab that shows in the picture above. This to make sure your piece ends up the same size as intented. After cutting your fabric you sew the top and the bottompart together and you end up with the one backpiece to work with according to the instructions of the Sunflower Tank Top & Dress.

And when you are finished you have this cute little top (or dress)! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this how to colorblock your Sunflower Tank Top blog. If you are interested in seeing more of my sewing you are very welcome at my blog or Insta.

Pattern: Sunflower Tank Top & Dress
Blog: Sewing Ambi
Insta: Sewing Ambi

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