Ever since the release customers have asked if this specific pattern, despite being made for stretch fabrics, could be used with woven fabrics, meaning no stretch within the fabric choice. The answer is yes with a few simple modifications! Check out how Gina upcycles a ladies tank into a woven adalynn!


Here is the ladies tank that I chose to upcycle:

I used the 3t size but added length and a slight difference on the sides to use thee original hem of the shirt. I also do this with sleeves when I have them on the original garment Iʼm using.

Next I move the pattern piece down to finish the angle going down the dress as well as about in inch lower at the armpit and mark this and grade it up to the original as you see with the pen markings.

I then use the cut out back piece over the front pattern piece to get the length I will need for the front. To accommodate this length, you will notice a slight angling at the neck and shoulder area.

Next to cut the sleeve I use the guides on the top arched side as my starting points and add at the top center about an inch and grade down to these points.

From this point sewing is the same, or you can do as I did on this one and sew shoulders then sides and insert closed sleeve or if you like sleeve and sides after sewing in the sleeve piece.

As you can see from sewing it up the shoulder to arm pits nearly match or are perfect matches. This gives your child or you if you do this with the women’s pattern, I have not yet, more room in the shoulder area to move.

For the neck I opted to use fold over elastic but I have used the original fabrics, original neck lines and stretch fabrics to do a collar. All a personal preference.

As you can see my daughter can still move freely in the dress and loves it.

BONUS: I am also including a few added pictures others I did in woven. First up is a Seuss blue dress I opted to use the smallest bias tape for the neck band on this on. Using this you can see it lays odd on the neck line but does work. Iʼd suggest a wider option to try for better lay.

Then I did two recycle options. As you can see in the group of pictures how they fit before and after. The brown dress with the lace is woven fabric. Again used the same hack but the original neck line was kept so no need to hem it or add anything.



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  1. Can you explain what exactly is needed to change from stretch to woven? I’m not sure I understand what needs to be done.

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