Adding a Side Ruffle to your Breezy Shorts

Hi friends! It’s Esther Lewis on the blog again today. Have you seen the newest Mamma Can Do It release, The Baby Breezy Shorts!? They are so cute and just packed full of options for woven and knit fabrics.

Today I’m going to share how to add an adorable side ruffle onto your Breezy Shorts.

Make sure you have purchased and dowloaded the pattern from the site. You can find the pattern right here: Breezy Shorts

The links I’ve included in this post are affiliate links.

After you have printed your desired size, cut out all of your pattern pieces. The next step will be measuring for your ruffles so that they can be sewn on before the waistband and cuffs. I added ruffle to the 5% ease woven version with knit waistband and cuffs. This method for adding ruffles would work for the all knit versions and the woven with an elastic band, you would just want to be careful to start your ruffle below where you will fold down for your elastic.

Find the center of your shorts piece and measure the height.

Measure your height

I chose to double my height for the ruffles. This was the size 9 months. It was right around 6″, so I cut my ruffles 12″ long. The width of your ruffles is really preference. I made my ruffles 1 1/4″ wide. I used knit fabric so I left my edges raw. If you are using woven or doing a rolled hem, make sure to account for hemming your edges.

Cut two strips of fabric using your measurements (one for each side.)

*This is where you would hem each side of your ruffles if you need/want to.

Sew a gathering stitch along the edge of both of your strips.

Gathering Stitch

Gather your ruffle to the height of your shorts piece. Line the center of your ruffle up along the center of your shorts. Stitch down the center of your ruffle piece.

Repeat for the other side.

Your side ruffle hack should be complete! You should have both shorts pieces ready to continue on for the rest of the pattern!

When you are sewing your waistband on, be careful to have your ruffles laying the correct way.

Finish up your adorable Breezy Shorts Pattern by following the rest of the Mamma Can Do It instructions found in the pattern, and admire your work! 🙂

Then try them on your baby and see how cute she looks! 😀


I’d love to see any side ruffle hacked shorts you make! You can post them in the Mamma Can Do It Facebook Group!our- +




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