Mamma Can Do It Fit Pants/ Annelaine Coffee & Tea Cardigan Video Party

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You may have seen, a few weeks ago, we teamed up with Annelaine Patterns and had the most AWESOME Video Party! This was our first time doing something like this, and we had so much fun!

We had a group of really talented ladies who sewed our Fit Pants and/or the Annelaine Coffee & Tea Cardigan. They either hacked the patterns and made videos explaining what they did, or they sewed them and made videos with fun and helpful tips.

If you have not already watched the videos, we encourage you to check them out! These ladies worked so hard to make this video party happen, and I bet you’ll be able to find some really helpful tips too!

Manda made a REALLY fun video explaining how to color-block the pockets of the fit pants! Check it out here! 

Kate Houk will show you how to reinforce your side seams and make your Fit Pants edgy? 

Aukje Leufkens made a video showing how to add a color block at the bottom of your bell bottom style pants. Learn how in this video. 

Want to add a vinyl graphic to your fit pants? In this video Beth shows us how to cut and apply a vinyl iron on to fit pants! These fit pants were sewn using fabric from Aurora design fabrics.

Want to colorblock Annelaine’s Coffee and tea cardigan? Aukje will show you how!

Want to learn how to adjust an oops? 🙂
Join us as Ali walks us through troubleshooting when you accidentally cut on the yoga waistband line and realize your fabric doesn’t have enough recovery!!
This video is part 1 of 2.

This video is part 2 of 2

Always cold? Consistently freezing fingers? Think about wearing mittens inside? Don’t do that! Modify your cuffs into ultra cozy thumb cuffs! Kate will show you how in this video!

Want a pro finish to your cardigan, but don’t have a serger? Or maybe you just want a pop of color peeking out of your cardigan. Kate will show you how to not only line it, but make the whole thing reversible! No exposed seams means no serger required! The method is simple once out know how to do it. Watch this video and you’ll have a pro finish in no time.

Want to hide all of your seams in the coffee and tea Cardigan? In this video, Sonia shows you how!

Want to add a band to the Coffee and Tea Cardigan? 🙂 Lyz shows you how in this video!

Want a tip on sewing on bands? Here’s a quick one! Cheryl gives us some insight!

Want to add a pocket to your Fit Pants when they are yoga style? In this video Beth shows you how! She’s amazing!

Want to customize your fit pants for the perfect fit? Mary Kay shows us how to shorten and lengthen the rise!

Want to colorblock your Cardigan? Or maybe you’re running short on fabric and need to extend it somehow?
Join Dawn as she shows us how!

Today Nellie is showing us how to shorten the women’s fit pants! Let’s join in!

Join Nellie as she shows us how to shorten the coffee and tea cardigan 🙂

I’m SO EXCITED to share this one with you! Samantha shows us how to do a MOTTO patch for knee and thigh on the fit pants! Eek!
Join her in this video! She also tells us how to modify the coffee and tea cardigan this way!

Love the fit pant but want to make them out of stretch denim/twill less than 50%?
Krystol made a waist band that lays flat and flattering without having to add a zipper, take a look!
Also Want to make the Coffee Cardi even cozier? She will show you a quick way to add a stay put waist tie to the girls/womens Coffee Cardigan!

Do you want to make clothes out of knit fabric, but you think you can’t because you only have a sewing machine?
In this video, Charlene shows that you can using two of our favorite knit stitches on two great patterns!

Join us as Gwen gives us some Twin needle tips and side seam pocket hack on the cardigan! I NEED THIS! 🙂
Thank you Gwen for putting this together!

You’ve got your perfect fit in the waist and hips in the fit pants, but wish for a skirt! What do you do?? Follow Kate as she explains how she turned her “Fit Pants” pattern into a “Fit Skirt.”

Aren’t these videos AWESOME! I love the tips and hacks these ladies shared! I hope that when you have time you will check them all out! They are seriously so much fun!

If you don’t have the patterns yet, you can check out the FIT PANTS PATTERN BELOW:


Boys Sizes:


Girls Sizes:







If you haven’t before, be sure to check out our FREEBIES TAB on the website… Downloading Free Patterns is a fantastic way to learn about Mamma Can Do It Patterns and see how we do things!

Also, be sure to check out Annelaine’s Coffee and Tea Cardigan Patterns!!


Ladies Plus Sizes


Ladies Sizes 0-20:


Girls Sizes:

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