There are quite a few of our Mamma Can Do It patterns that have a curve hem or a circle skirt.  The new Relaxed Peplum Pattern is one example and our Adalynn Dress Collection is another pattern that have curved hems.  Hemming these can be quite difficult for beginners so I’m here to show you one of my favorite ways to hem a circle skirt or curved hem.

Creating a Structured Base

If you have a serger, I suggest serging around the edge of your hem.  This creates a base that helps your fabric not flip up when you are trying to hem.  It also creates the exact 1/4″ measurement that I like to use to turn my hem up.  If you do not have a serger, I loOOOOVVVee using Wash Away Wonder Tape.  If you buy the 1/4″ width it is perfect for hemming this way.  You would just attach strips of it along the bottom of the hem.

Turning Up Your Hem

Turn up your hem 1/4″ and pin or clip.  If you use wonder tape, you will not have to pin as much because wonder tape is sticky on both sides and it will hold just as well as a clip or pin.

Turn up your hem 1/4″ more.  This will cover your serging and create a nice base for you to use your sewing machine on.  This method is especially useful for slippery fabrics like double brushed polyester and rayon spandex which are famous for being difficult to hem.


Hem your rolled hem about 1/8″ away from the top edge, being sure to keep your hem rolled nicely as you sew.  I use a longer straight stitch when sewing bottom hems since these will not need to be stretched very often.  Now remember that since the original hem was supposed to be 1″, using this method will create a hemline that is 0.5″ longer so keep that in mind.

I hope these tips and tricks were helpful in your sewing adventures!  I can’t wait to see what you make!


Disclaimer:  Affiliate links were used in this blog post.  This just means that a percentage of sales go to me when you purchase.  They do not cost you anything to use.  This helps me make more beautiful things for my family.  



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  1. Next time you’re hemming a circular skirt, try serging the edge with the differential turned up a notch. It makes it even easier – it practically flips itself into place and lays really nice and flat without any ripples or any need to stretch anything to keep it flat when stitching it down.

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