Relaxed Peplum Top and Tunic MATERNITY HACK with Annie

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Today I’m going to be showing you a very easy maternity hack on MCDI’s newest top–The Relaxed Peplum Top & Tunic. It comes in sizes 00-20 and its ON SALE right now for only $8.99–originally $12!
You can also grab the Girls Relaxed Peplum Top & Tunic sizes 2T-16 HERE,
Or, grab the bundle of the two HERE.
Bear with me on these pictures, I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I don’t get “pretty” anymore for hardly any occasion..It’s just too much effort!
I hacked the pattern to have an empire waist. Empire waists are my favorite for maternity because they are very flattering, and they work very well for your new postpartum body.
I also love this pattern because it comes together SO quickly and Elizabeth shows an amazing way to do neck binding that I had never seen before. It looks so crisp and neat AND its so easy.
The pattern comes with several options– top or tunic length, circle skirt or straight skirt, long sleeves or short sleeves. This shirt will definitely be a fall staple in your wardrobe.
1. Alter the pattern. For the most flattering fit for a maternity peplum top, we’re going to want to take several inches off the bodice. I’m wearing a size 10 (based off bust size) and I have the pattern pictured below for reference as to what it should look like when cut. From the bottom of the arm hole to the bottom of the bodice it measures 6 1/2 inches. Every size will need a different amount removed, so start with only a small portion then cut off more if needed.
2. Cutting for the skirt (peplum). Since we chopped off several inches from the bodice and we’re also pregnant, we’re going to need to make up for the missing fabric and that big bump you’ll be sporting. I didn’t really follow the pattern too much for this part. My skirt was 19 inches long (18 inches when put together) and 60 inches wide (or 30 inches cut on a fold). When you create your skirt pattern you should have 2 pieces that are 19×60. I did such a giant width because I love all the extra little gathers, and I didn’t want it to pull tight over my bump. If you use the original width that the pattern calls for, your top would look more like the picture below (photo from Pink Blush Maternity), which is absolutely adorable, I just wanted to play around with it a little bit 🙂
Here’s a few extra pictures from our photo shoot last week. This peplum is seriously PERFECT for mommy and me outfits & the upcoming fall weather.
Womans: The Relaxed Peplum Top & Tunic sizes 00-20
Bundle & save MORE: HERE.
Thanks for reading along, y’all!
***ALL links listed above are affiliate links! If you choose to purchase through my link, I will get a small percentage of your purchase. Thank you so much!!***



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