Relaxed Peplum Top High-Low Half Circle Skirt Hack

First off let me start by saying that I am not much of a writer or photographer. So sorry in advance.  This will probably not be the best or prettiest blog post you’ve ever read. Haha! But, it is a pretty easy hack and I love how mine turned out! Well shall we move on? Okay here we go.

First, you will want to have your pattern all put together and the paper pieces cut out. If you don’t already have this awesome pattern you can get it here through my affiliate link.

Make sure when cutting out your fabric pieces that you cut the half circle skirt piece at the tunic length. For this version you will need the front and back bodice pieces, the half circle skirt piece cut to the tunic length, and the neck band or binding (whichever one corresponds with how you choose to finish the neck). From your fabric you will cut out your bodice and neck pieces as you normally would. Cut one half circle piece out at tunic length on the fold as normal. Then I used that cut out skirt piece to create a curve I thought I would like. I did that by layering the cut piece on top of the pattern piece and moving it around a bit until I liked it. Then I traced bottom edge of the skirt onto the pattern piece. You want to be sure that your curve eventually goes all the way down to the tunic length so that the side seams will match up perfectly.

I didn’t want to cut my pattern piece so I just folded it back along that line. Cut a skirt piece from your new pattern piece making sure that the high side of the curve (shorter side) is on the fold. When I opened mine up it had a little bit of a V where the fold was so I folded it back together and cut off a tiny bit more to try to make the edge along the fold a little bit more straight before starting to curve. It helped a little, but I ultimately decided that I would just pay close attention and fix it when I hemmed it.


Now that all of your pieces are cut out all you need to do is follow the instructions on how to sew this bad boy up!!! Hopefully you will love yours as much as I love mine!! 



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