Swaddling Blanket Sew Along

Swaddling babies helps them to sleep and feel secure because they are familiar with the tight, comfortable and warm environment. It also helps to keep those twitching arms still that cause the baby to wake up. Parents agree that swaddling blankets that use velcro are much easier to get a good fit on baby rather then receiving blankets. They also help baby learn to self-soothe.

Swaddling Blankets can be incredibly expensive and your baby is in them for a short period of time. Make your own Swaddling Blanket to save some money. You can recycle some old fabric to make it a budget friendly one too! Follow along and learn how to make your own swaddling blanket with this sew along. We also have a video showing you how to install a zipper.

Looking for the pattern? Find it here.

Swaddling Blanket Sew Along Video

Adding a Zipper to your Swaddle



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