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The Breezy Shorts — Bib/Romper Hack

Hey Guys! It's Laura again! I enjoyed testing the Breezy shorts SO much, but my absolute favorite thing to dress my little guy in is a ROMPER... so I decided to...

Cloth Diaper Mod for Breezy Shorts

One of the struggles of having a child (or in my  case two) in cloth diapers is finding bottoms that fit well over them. One of the nice things about making...

Color-Block and Add Pocket to Mamma Can Do It Breezy Shorts

In this blog post, I will show you how I hacked the Mamma Can Do It Breezy Shorts. Please know that I have inserted my affiliate link throughout. The Mamma Can Do...

Winter Legacy Tour 2018: Simple Baby Knit Shorts with Tutorial

I know it's difficult to even think about shorts, when most of us in the country are dreaming about spring and warmer temperatures.  If you haven't noticed, Mamma Can Do It...

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