Hi, I'm Laura! I'm the mama of two sweet boys, Daniel and Luke. They're my primary reason and inspiration for sewing! I love seeing them wear mama-made things. I started sewing a little over three years ago after my first little boy was born, and I've never looked back! SO FUN! I've also recently started sewing a few things for myself, which I love! It's so fun to be able to hack patterns to get a new outfit made exactly how I want it! Sewing is such a great hobby, because there is ALWAYS something new to learn. It's impossible to know everything! If you want to, there is always a way to expand your skill set. At the same time, you can use skills you already know and ones in which you are already proficient to sew for fun/ relaxation. I love using sewing to wind down in the evenings. And getting something new and cute for my kids or myself is just a bonus! I love being part of the MDCI promo team! I love these patterns! They're all so great. Truly staples that you can modify or hack to make them your own! Thank you so much for reading my blog posts! I hope you find some inspiration! Feel free to check out my personal blog as well to find information on other patterns and tutorials!

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