Aren’t reversible clothes so cool? I think they are, at least. I love that I’m putting two outfits in the closet on one hanger. It’s pretty much the same sewing time as ONE item, but I’m getting TWO items. I’m a huge fan of reversible clothes, especially for the little guys.

So let me tell you about one of my favorite reversible patterns for summer! This is the Reversible Romper by Mamma Can Do It! I had seen it on her website a while ago, but didn’t actually try it for the first time until I was making Luke’s Easter outfit. And, it was LOVE. Since I loved it so, I also made reversible rompers for my sweetie and my nephew to wear for beach pictures. It’s just a great pattern! Let me tell you about it.

Reversible Romper PDF Pattern
This is Luke’s Easter Outfit. He’s wearing the Mamma Can Do It Reversible Romper layered over a Simplicity Peter Pan Collar Onesie.

This Pattern

As it’s name suggests, the reversible romper, is fully lined and REVERSIBLE. You can wear either side out for a really cute outfit. The pattern includes front and back bodice pieces and separate shorts pieces. There are side seams, but no center front seam on the bodice. I REALLY like this style for appliques. The romper has a fairly roomy fit. It is perfect made according to the size chart included in the pattern. **Note that this is one of the Mamma Can Do It older patterns. It’s a great pattern but doesn’t have the updated sizing chart.** You add snaps to the shoulders and to the crotch (making for easy diaper changes).

Reversible Romper PDF Pattern

It’s a really easy pattern, and definitely a perfect beginner project!

I’ve made several rompers before, and even quite a few reversible rompers, but this was my first time using the method included in the instructions of this pattern. It was like MAGIC. Ha! Not really magic, but is so cool the way it goes together!

As I mentioned, the fit is roomy. I found the romper to fit nicely over cloth diapers. Luke and Matthew (my sweet nephew) both wear cloth diapers, and we have not had any problems fastening the crotch snaps over them.

Reversible Romper PDF Pattern

The Fabric I Used:

This romper is drafted for woven fabrics, which I love! It’s so easy to find all of the cute prints in quilting cottons!

The outfit Luke wore for Easter was a gingham I bought from Hobby Lobby. Since it was for Easter and I didn’t want to risk anything showing through from the lining side, I chose to not make that one reversible. I used a solid white broadcloth for the lining.

The outfits I made for beach photos were made using a quilting cotton from Hobby Lobby (the sailboat side). The reverse side is a Kona Cotton from Hobby Lobby. I added an applique so that both sides would be adorable! 😉 I believe this applique design came from Planet Applique. Aren’t these cute?? 💗😍

Reversible Romper PDF Pattern

Is a Serger Necessary?

Absolutely not! With most patterns, a serger is really a luxury item rather than a necessity. Yes, you can get a more professional finish on the inside if you have a serger, but you can totally finish items other ways using your regular sewing machine. With this particular pattern, since it is fully lined, all seams are fully enclosed, giving a professional finish anyway! It really is a great pattern!! No one will ever know you don’t have a serger!

Overview of the Romper:

  • drafted for woven fabrics
  • fully lined and reversible
  • shoulder snaps and crotch snaps making diaper changes easy
  • super easy, fairly quick sew
  • comfortable fit (accommodates cloth diapers well)
  • completely adorable 😉 (can be made in a variety of woven fabrics, perfect for any occasion)
  • you can grab the pattern here:

Reversible Romper PDF Pattern

Reversible Romper Toddler PDF Pattern

Reversible Romper PDF Pattern at the beach

You can check out the pattern for this romper here: (affiliate link)

See the Mamma Can Do It Website Here: (affiliate link)

Come and join the Mamma Can Do It Facebook Group to share your MCDI creations! You can get assistance on their patterns, if needed!

** Thank you for reading this post! Please be aware that I have included my affiliate links to the pattern in this post. If you choose to purchase using my link, I’ll get a small percentage of the sale.**

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